Shaanxi Province, the only existing buildings, under the pen of Jia Pingwa Di took the town

is located in the town of Hua Di Danfeng County, Shangluo city is located in the Danjiangkou side, because he was rich Kerria japontca named after the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi three "Yao Wen Di Hua had left home for a dream brother, Youting Di Hua said, the national AAAA level scenic spots.

in the novel "Qin opera", the famous writer Jia Pingwa Di took the town landscape and local customs and practices in the book,

For example,

Qingfeng street, attracted fans come in a throng.

today is a town of Hua Di, and Zhuge Town, Yuanjiacun, Ma Wei Yi similar theme tourism town, most of the antique building. Scenic spots in the two Street (Song Jinjie, Qingfeng Street), a museum (Museum of literature, a planoconcave) (ecological pond pond) and western flower "as the main project, the resurrection of the ancient Yi Di Hua, kuixinglou old landscape.

Eight will go to attractions

Di Hua Town: "Song breeze border town, street, acres of lotus pond, di flowers, planoconcave Literature Museum of art, Wan Wan beautiful countryside, China Danjiang River National Wetland Park, green hill road will be taking on road eight will go to di Hua scenic spots.

Jia Pingwa inscription

antique building

flat concave art museum.

Hasuda Toyama

Only the existing building

Shaanxi: erlangmiao.

erlangmiao built in Jin Daan three years (AD 1211), dating back more than 790 years of history. According to legend, Southern Song Dynasty to Jin Long Ju Zhai aggression, met here in Southern Song Dynasty soldiers struggling to resist a long battle, the prime minister Qin GUI end neither in victory nor defeat, that sum, then cut to taking gold, Jin to sign, according to the Lama Temple style, Han fusion architecture, built two Lang Miao Di terrace.

ancient town street