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Four Shandong city about car rules released with similar city compared to the overall strict 8, Shandong, Zibo, Linyi, Rizhao and Weifang in four cities invariably thrown about the car network management rules draft, made detailed provisions on in the net about car drivers and vehicles etc.. Comparison of the aforementioned documents, you can find that the four cities in some of the provisions of a lot of the same place, such as the requirements are the local license plate, local household registration or a local residence permit, etc., but also different. In addition, Qingdao, the province has five cities issued a network about car management rules for comments. Compared with similar cities, the city of the province’s overall strict rules. A car up to 8 years in Zibo, Linyi, Rizhao and Weifang four city network management rules about the car, it is worth noting that, in accordance with the principle of the development of high-quality services, differences in management, the four cities are clearly required to be engaged in the network about cars to operate a vehicle purchase tax price of not less than 120 thousand yuan. Although the price is not cheap, but slightly lower than in Qingdao. Qingdao provisions for the network about the price, the price shall not be lower than the same period the parade car rental concierge purchase price. Qingdao existing two taxi concierge are Skoda supipes and Citroen C5, related website, the two car lowest price was 169 thousand and 800 yuan and 181 thousand and 900 yuan. Consistent in price, four, made more detailed provisions of the vehicle wheelbase and new energy vehicles. Among them, Zibo, Linyi, Rizhao three cities require wheelbase of 2700 mm, the new energy vehicle wheelbase is 2600 – 2650 mm, while the wheelbase is required to be mm. However, although there is little difference from the wheelbase, Zibo has asked the vehicle displacement of 1.8 liters or more than 1.4T, Weifang is more than 1.6 liters or 1.4T, Linyi, sunshine is not required. From the age of the vehicle at Zibo must be within 2 years of the car, and mileage less than 30 thousand kilometers; Linyi within 2 years, less than 50 thousand km; Weifang and Rizhao only within 3 years of mileage car, did not make specific provisions. Four, ask for the car about the network life requirements in the draft agreement, not more than 8 years which is about the car vehicle license period from the date of registration of vehicles, vehicle mileage of 600 thousand kilometers when forced to scrap, mileage has reached 600 thousand km but service life can reach 8 years, from the network about the car business. Four cities about the car driver’s household registration, physical condition, driver’s license, drunk driving and criminal records have made clear requirements. More than 3 years driving experience is the most basic requirements, and the four cities are required to have a city residence or residence permit. Suzhou, Ningbo and we did not strictly in view of the size and function of the city, Weifang, Zibo, Linyi and Rizhao and other cities can not be compared with the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen mechanical comparison. But compared to some of the same level of the city about the new deal after the car, Qilu Evening News reporter found that the four cities of the network about the new car or partial strict. In October 17th, Henan city officially released about the car network comments, although the city also requires the vehicle price is higher than the local mainstream taxi price, but the use requirements reduced to within 8 years of the vehicle, also not explicitly put forward the price, more)相关的主题文章: