Shanxi 2017 28 key areas and strive to complete the investment 800 billion 900 million

Shanxi 2017 28 key areas and strive to complete the investment 800 billion 900 million

Shanxi Metropolis Daily News (reporter Zhang Xiaopeng) January 16th, reporters from the seven session of the twelve National People’s Congress on 2017, I learned that the province should focus on key areas and major investment projects, focus on promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading, major infrastructure, urban and rural integration, social undertakings and other four major sections of a number of major projects 28 in key areas, and strive to complete the annual investment of 800 billion 900 million yuan.

Upgrade plate 412 billion 520 million yuan investment in transformation of the

industry, including equipment manufacturing, medicine, material industry, information technology, new energy and modern coal chemical industry, coal gas, modern agriculture, the growth of small and medium-sized enterprise engineering, science and technology innovation, modern service industry, metallurgy, electric power, the traditional characteristics of food, textile, civil military integration and other major infrastructure; sector investment 77 billion 220 million yuan, including the "Hong Kong bank network, railway, highway, airport, water conservancy; integration of urban and rural sector investment 256 billion yuan, including the city to improve the living environment, beautiful countryside construction; social sectors to invest 55 billion 170 million yuan, including poverty alleviation, ecological environment construction, culture and education and other social programs.

to widen the channels of project financing, better play the financial construction funds leveraging effect, adjust and optimize the investment structure and direction of the provincial government, to support the "three rural", public utilities, technology innovation, development of new industries, the central budget funds to support key areas of project construction. The use of good finance will be set up the supply side of the reform and development of investment funds, to promote economic transformation of new energy investment fund, special funds for technological innovation and other special funds.

closely linked to the national key areas of support and encouragement, increase project reporting, and actively strive for the central budget investment, special construction fund. Meanwhile, efforts to promote the central budget to accelerate the construction of investment projects. Deepen the reform of investment and financing system. The implementation of enterprise investment autonomy, the implementation of the negative list of enterprise investment project management, power list, list of responsibility system. Adhere to the minimum scope of approval of enterprise investment projects, the minimum amount of approval, the approval of the project to retain only the location of the views, land pre-trial and major projects EIA approval.

in 2017, our province will amend the introduction of the "Catalogue" enterprise investment projects approved, the implementation of online investment regulatory approval and construction of online platform of parallel examination and approval matters up regulation policy. Full liberalization of the investment and financing intermediary market, improve intermediary service agencies exit and disciplinary mechanisms. To stimulate private investment in energy, earnestly implement the relevant policies to encourage the orderly liberalization of market access to oil and gas exploration and exploitation network, distribution network, civil airports, telecommunications, municipal, social services, tax concessions, equal treatment in terms of land supply. Vigorously promote the use of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model, has mastered more than 900 PPP projects, increase audit, promotion, implementation. At the same time, the supply of goods and services to improve the investment level, and vigorously promote the Pinjin material by Jin jin.