She is a Japanese mother of 5 children, 8 hours a day to work, busy no time to make up, but with hal


is known as the world’s leading institutions of higher learning, Harvard University has trained a lot of celebrities. In the Harvard campus, see gorgeous dress, no makeup splendor, more see Akira in rock, only for a moment, and life is very people. There are also many people who think of Harvard as the highest ideal of life.

had a picture in a fire online pass, is entitled "photos of the Harvard University library at 4 in the morning a study room All seats are occupied.". See such a picture, a lot of friends lamented that their lives are deserted!


but there are also friends said, in fact, this is the real Harvard University study room, although not All seats are occupied., but there are still many people in the study. In fact, the young gentleman’s University study room, but also need to occupy the seat. (hum ~)

How much effort does it take for

to enter such an institution of higher learning? In Japan there is such a woman, her name is Yoshida spike wave.

she is the mother of three children, but also a gynecologist, every day to repeat the nine to five work, is an ordinary can no longer ordinary workers.

however, unlike ordinary office workers, she has a dream. Is to be able to enter Harvard University in his lifetime. An office worker who works 8 hours a day, spends about 3 hours a day on the way home, to the hospital, to the nursery, and to take care of the three children. How long do you think such a mother will take to realize her dream?


ideal or some

no ideal life;