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Shenyang residence permit system into the full implementation of the stage in January 1, 2016, the State Council, the Provisional Regulations on the residence of the official implementation. Recently, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a "Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau on the implementation of the" residence permit Provisional Regulations "related issues notice clearly, from September 12, 2016 onwards, Shenyang city to implement the" Regulations "of the residence permit system has entered the implementation stage. How to apply for a residence permit in Shenyang? Read the following introduction will be able to see. The role of residence permit? Residence permit holders with residence permits, identity cards and other relevant documents, can apply for the exit and Entry Administration Department of the residence for private exit and entry documents, enjoy the same rights as the local household registration. Apply for replacement identity card, can hold a residence permit and residence booklet to the local police station. Apply for motor vehicle registration, driver’s license to apply for business, can hold residence permits, identity cards and other materials to the residence of the vehicle management. Who can apply for a residence permit? The "Regulations" stipulates that citizens leave the location of permanent residence, to other city living more than half a year, with a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous studying, can apply for a residence permit. Residence permit is valid for how long? Residence permit endorsement is proof of residence permit holders residence in continuous residence. Valid residence permit for 1 years, 1 months before the expiration of the residence permit, residence permit holders to apply for visa procedures for residence of police station. What is the process of residence permit? Shenyang Hukou non in the floating population to the local police station to apply for a residence permit, fill out the "residence permit application form" and submit the applicant identity card, apply for an inch bareheaded photo 2 and residence address, employment, student and other evidence, Fu Heshen led the conditions and complete documentation, the public security police station spot acceptance. Living for more than six months: refers to the residence and temporary residence registration for six months, identified as the standard of community policing platform for more than six months. Legitimate stable employment: refers to every college (vocational school, technical school graduates), made the primary work and occupation qualification certificate or above junior professional technical occupation qualification, by state organs, people’s organizations, enterprises and institutions and social groups, foundations, private non enterprise units of employment (employment) or recruit and sign a labor contract law in the town, or in the second and third industry and holds a business license. Continuous study: refers to the full-time primary school, middle school, high vocational school or ordinary colleges and universities to obtain a school and study. Proof of residence address: including the housing lease contract, the housing property certificate, the purchase contract or rental housing, the employer, the school issued proof of residence, etc.. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter   Li Qinghai相关的主题文章: