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Shenzhen real estate market unpopular intermediary selling   sell a "Mercedes team" — real estate — original title: Shenzhen real estate market unpopular real intermediary sell a "Mercedes team" Guo Fengmin Li Huang, the Guangzhou Daily reporter Xiao Lujun correspondent Tang Lixia, Liao Li Ping estate intermediary industry is not to give you the impression that was once the threshold low, uneven, the quality of employees is relatively low degree of goodwill? In fact, in Shenzhen, including the chain home, Shun Shun, Central Plains, Q housing network and other mainstream intermediary, now have their own college students team. Accompanied by the Shenzhen real estate industry development like a raging fire, more and more college students began to enter the intermediary team, excellent talents of them, become the industry a stream, the inherent impression is gradually changing to the intermediary industry. Profile: Guo Fengmin was born in 1983, graduated from Jilin Agricultural University, is now vice president of marketing agency. Entered the intermediary industry in 2007. In January 2013, Guo Fengmin set up large area, large area of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan over three nearly 200 stores, under the command of the staff of nearly 2000 people, nearly 6 Chengdu College students. The rocket soared like legend: first the first month intermediary commission 40 thousand yuan for three months as King North store manager a year later became Vice President deputy general team with an average age of 26 nine Chengdu college students at a Bagualing coffee shop, the reporter saw the legendary beauty overbearing President Guo Fengmin. Tall, beautiful, competent and courteous, this is the first impression to the people of Guo Fengmin. In Shun Group, Guo Fengmin has a name in its own region team, governs group nearly 200 stores, under the command of the staff of nearly 2000 people. Saying "Guo Fengmin district" was dubbed "Mercedes Benz large area", it is not bragging. Last October, a team of colleagues in the Guo Fengmin to buy a car, the team to discuss, in October 15th last year, the team meeting place to choose the Mercedes Benz 4S shop. See colleagues have chosen Benz, some of the original car did not intend to change the colleagues are ready to. On the second day, the entire deputy chief of a total of 18 Mercedes Benz 4S shop in the car, so that 4S stores and real estate circles are sensational. Today, Guo Fengmin’s management team Mercedes Benz owners over 40 people. According to Guo Fengmin, the 23 people’s deputy general team a total of 90%, are college students, the average age of 26 years, to around 1990, buddy, the youngest vice president Ding CARMENS was born in 1993 last year, 4 month post, Shun Whampoa  practice base is the first batch of students, the end of November last year promotion team vice president, currently under the jurisdiction of 9 stores, it took only 1 years to open on the benz. Guo Fengmin graduated from the University in 2006, the university is learning the computer, the first job is a factory in Baoan, but Guo Fengmin feel the factory world is not what they want. In 2007, Guo Fengmin entered the Shun’s predecessor, rental, human resources. In 2008, rental turned shun. Guo Fengmin not)相关的主题文章: