Should You Buy A Crystal

Marriage-Wedding When Im making reference to crystal wedding tiaras Im referring to a bridal tiara handcrafted from Swarovski or other types of crystal, not machine producted tiaras which contain rhinestones or diamantes. So why choose a crystal tiara over a diamante one? Diamante tiaras are produced on a mass scale and therefore inexpensive, often imported and widely available, for some they make the perfect choice especially if theres not a lot of money to spend on bridal accessories. But since they are machine produced theres no change to amend the design for example changing the colour. So if youve seen a design you want but want to shorter, in different colours or in a child size, youre stuck. This is where crystal wedding tiaras have a huge advantage. If you choose a crystal tiara you will be able to add other crystal colours to your bridal tiara so you can co-ordinate your bridal accessories with your wedding colours. For instance when I created my own crystal tiara I added fire opal crystals to match the orange of my bridal bouquet. Another idea is incorporating the colour of the embroidery on your wedding dress into your wedding tiara. If youre wanting to having similar but less detailed tiaras for your bridesmaids this can easily be done with crystal wedding tiaras where as it would be very hard to find a diamante manufactured tiara that will co-ordinate. Many brides that Ive worked with have young daughters with are either being child bridesmaids or flower girls and they want a smaller version of their own tiaras which is only possible with a crystal wedding tiara and it looks really cute. How much should I pay for a crystal wedding tiara? Crystal tiaras are usually handcrafted. Their prices range a lot and at the top end of the spectrum you could pay 100s. Be aware that crystal wedding tiaras that cost this much have a huge mark up and you can usually find a similar design for much less. At the other end of the scale there are very inexpensive designs which may be poorly finished with sharp wires and substandard crystal, glass or even plastic beads. A price between 40 to 70 is considered reasonable for a full crystal wedding tiara but this depends on the time taken and the cost of the materials involved. Obviously the more time it takes to create a crystal tiara the more you will pay. You may also be able to get your hands on bridesmaids tiaras for much less than this. Rules for purchasing a crystal tiara There are some general rules when choosing a crystal tiara. When deciding on the height of your crystal tiara ensure it will .pliment your face shape. You can read more about this in our free tiara advice guide. Ensure your crystal wedding tiara will match your other wedding jewellery, many crystal wedding tiaras are available with either silver or gold base and clear or clear AB crystals, so dont choose an all clear AB tiara then match it with clear crystal jewellery it just wont look right. So will you be purchasing a crystal wedding tiara? There are so many advantages to choosing a crystal tiara over a diamante one, even if your not 100% totally convinced, its definitely worth taking a look at crystal tiaras and having a chat to see if your perfect wedding tiara can be made within your budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: