Silver moon persimmon most nutritious to eat persimmon 5 benefits

Silver moon persimmon the most nutrition to eat persimmon 5 benefits [Abstract] in October, that is, silver month. At the time of the silver month is the listing of persimmon season, then you know in the upcoming silver moon to eat persimmon what are the benefits? The benefits of eating persimmons 1, weight loss beauty when it comes to the effect of reducing weight and beauty of the persimmon, presumably a lot of people do not believe, but this is true, because the ancients often eat persimmons to achieve weight loss beauty effect. 2, vitamin C supplement we all know that fruits are a lot of vitamin C, but you know? Persimmon contains vitamin C is about 2 times that of other fruits, so eating persimmons can help us to supplement vitamin C. 3, fresh persimmon is hemostatic have cool blood hemostatic effect, usually a lot of people take persimmon used to treat hematemesis, hemoptysis. And persimmon leaves also have hemostatic effect. 4, not only contains a large number of persimmon persimmon vitamin C, but also rich in pectin. Pectin is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, can help us to achieve laxative effect, is a kind of treatment of constipation fruit. If you have constipation, you might as well eat a persimmon to relieve constipation. 5, if you have blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, small series suggest that you eat persimmon bar, because persimmon is the effect of softening blood vessels, and can also help us to reduce blood pressure oh. Eat persimmon taboo 1, fasting when you do not eat persimmon if you eat in the fasting when the persimmon, it will be because of excessive stomach acid and stomach stones, stomach bleeding and other symptoms. 2, can not even eat with the skin because of persimmon peel contains a lot of acid deposition, if you eat with the skin, then it is very easy to cause abdominal pain symptoms. 3, can not eat together with the crab because persimmon and crabs belong to both sexes of food, if you eat more may cause gastrointestinal diseases. Moreover, persimmon and crabs to eat together, it will inhibit the secretion of digestive juice. The sugar content of 4, can not eat a lot of persimmon is not very low, but eating too much will lead to problems such as persimmon decay, and harm to the oral health. 5, patients with diabetes can not eat the above we have said persimmon sugar content is very high, so as diabetes patients need to control sugar, but also can not eat persimmons. How to select persimmon 1, choose the kind of shape is better, and relatively large persimmon as well. 2, select the kind of relatively tough, more green persimmon. 3, choose the color is more bright, no spots, no crack persimmon. 4, the selection of the more rules, the founder of the persimmon, do not choose the kind of deformed persimmon. Above said so much about persimmon knowledge, you can’t wait to eat persimmon? [news] healthy mid autumn moon cake to eat too much greasy Xiaoshi solution how? [8] health news organ of the human body most easily to cancer cancer health [interview] an antidote against the disease rheumatoid arthritis science to know how much? [] secondhand smoke can lead to disease diagnosis and treatment of pediatric oncology is relayed to the Tencent micro-blog welcome attention to Dashen network health channel WeChat (micro signal: sh-jiankang) or the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning back to "1" you can see the health strategy: after reading this article you can feel at ease in summer! Reply to "2" you can see the health Raiders相关的主题文章: