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[Sina] Harbin Medical Center Hospital, four Red Cross director Yu Qin: autumn and winter single pregnant women should pay attention to the problem (Sun Lixia Jiang Xiaoying) in autumn and winter North became cold and dry, this change was not adapt, pregnant women physique weaker, more attention should be paid to health care during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers feel that there are a lot of discomfort during the autumn and winter, "what should we pay attention to during this season?" Is the topic that many expectant mothers are concerned about. Harbin City Red Cross hospital four, single center director Yu Qin friends recommend that pregnant women should pay attention to the following aspects: first, need to do some preparatory work. In life, bedding (mother and baby bedding) to prepare themselves, as far as possible to choose comfortable soft cotton products, ready for the baby’s quilt, mattress, blanket, mattress, sheets of urine. Toiletries choose good quality cotton towel, bath towel and special infant shampoo, liquid soap, toilet paper, bath sponge, nail clippers, and skin care products, bath water temperature, the thermometer, special baby laundry powder and bulk cotton swabs. From the principle of advocating breastfeeding, as far as possible to help the mother to establish confidence, early opening of milk, ground sucking, positive breastfeeding. Give the baby to prepare the best front spoon is soft, will not hurt your baby’s mouth, also need to prepare a bowl, when the full moon baby soon, if you need to use it on a small bowl of calcium. Do these preparations, mothers do not worry too much about the adverse factors in autumn and winter children, now the hospital has been ahead of heating, can give women to provide a suitable temperature environment, the mother and baby do not need too many parcels in the hospital. Two, secondly, what time to go to the hospital to be produced the most appropriate? 1, start: uterine contractions are often irregular, when more and more regular contractions, not far away from birth. For primipara, intermittent contractions lasting 8-10 hours. Once the contraction is frequent and violent regularly, about every 5 minutes and a seizure, a burst of hard and uterine pain or backache, means of delivery will start immediately, should immediately go to the hospital to be produced. 2, red: Red contractions (vaginal discharge of mucus containing blood leucorrhea), need a few hours to go to the hospital to check. But not the only standard to judge the production of red, sometimes still be red after 1-2 days, sometimes a few days after it began regular uterine contraction. The amount of bleeding when the hospital immediately to check. 3, broken water: the vagina like a sudden outflow of urine as much water, can not control, this is the broken water, at this time whether or not to go to the hospital in time of uterine contraction. On the way to the hospital, pregnant women should be supine, because when the outflow of amniotic fluid umbilical cord may then emerge, can lead to fetal death. If the outflow of amniotic fluid is not much, and some pregnant women will be mistaken for an increase in leucorrhea, if the late pregnancy this situation, should go to the hospital to check whether the water has been broken, do not be careless. Three, the last is to pay attention to some problems. Delivery delivery room should pay attention to heat preservation, after the baby is born, in a timely manner with a soft towel or a small quilt wrapped in a warm place to prevent.相关的主题文章: