Single Wang gray February, where to travel to be saved


The Tower House Hotel Quebec

||, for example, in Seattle, Washington, March cherry romantic

Sakura with Washington Monument Washington

|| such as summer sweet Island Resort

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, Germany

while single Wang’s sky, only confused gray…..

do not want to "single Wang’s gray season"?


meet the footsteps of the world more than

there is a place in the world where life has the widest color, passion never stops. Backpack, together to meet the most beautiful earth surface.

Yellowstone National Park prism CAIQUAN God overturned the palette, poured out freely the most amazing color in the world. Yellowstone National Park prism CAIQUAN, known as the "Earth" the most beautiful, also some people said here really mysterious color change unpredictably, "the witch’s fountain of youth".

walk on the big prism color spring wood Road, shrouded in hot springs can be seen in the colorful spring scenery. And to see the full picture of the big prism, from the southern end of the color of a small mountain climbing.

large prism CAIQUAN trail

In addition to

prism, Yellowstone National Park in the morning, you can walk in the dense ink painting morning glory pool, and West Thumb Lake edge blue green fountain fei.

Long Lake Hot Spring

sapphire Quanxi thumb

festoon spring


cone thumb Lake Hot Spring


Huangshi world on horseback

deep into the Yellowstone National Park hinterland of a small landscape, you can try to ride a horse. in Mammoth Hot Springs, tower falls and the Grand Canyon of Huangshi, have provided an hour or two hours of riding activities. American drama "western world"