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Skin care must know the three rules for LOHANA to affect the Sohu announced – BNT news obviously becomes clear weather but can not be ignored on the skin caused by changes in the weather. In addition to the improvement of the daily life, daily meticulous family skin care is to adhere to the end. It is almost every woman’s dream to have a healthy body like a transparent skin. But how much do you know about skin care? From the rest of life to create a good skin based skin care skin care tips to know, LOHANA announced for you. It is well known that the importance of moisturizing to the skin is to develop correct eating habits. The 60~70% of human cells is also maintained by water, so adequate intake of water is a guarantee of health. In addition, when the body’s moisture is insufficient, the skin will also feel more dry. Especially in dry autumn and winter, adequate drinking water is the basis of building healthy skin. Compared to meat, vegetables and fruits have more moisture and vitamins, which are beneficial ingredients to the skin. Choose the right fruit, in addition to moisturizing the skin, but also whitening effect. As one of the pomegranate fruit is beauty, it is rich in vitamins. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, at the same time whitening the skin, but also can effectively delay the aging of skin speed. The UV blocking sun? Can the body vitamin D, but not UV but accelerated skin aging speed, will also produce freckles, sunburn and other defects in the skin. Therefore, be careful to smear sunscreen products when you go out. Sunscreen products can create a layer of protective film for the skin, in order to prevent UV damage to the skin health. In addition, the efficacy of sunscreen products usually only maintain about three hours, the need for a long time outside activities, it is recommended to repeat in three hours as a unit. Meticulous daily skin care, female skin, once passed 25 years old, officially entered the aging stage. 21, 2 years old, even if only use emollient lotion, emulsion state of skin can also maintain good, but to 30 years old, in the choice of basic skin care products, you need to work hard. Because the skin is entering the aging stage, the elasticity will gradually lose, and the energy to resist the external environment will also be reduced. Therefore, it is suggested that whether the ingredients contained in the skin care products are pure and non irritating are particularly important. When choosing whitening products, we should not only care whether the whitening effect is outstanding, but also pay attention to whether the whitening effect is excellent at the same time, whether the whitening ingredients contained in it are harmless to the skin and so on. EITOR ‘S PICK to create a clean and healthy skin essential single product 1 LOHANA WHITE SNOW SKIN SOFTNER: the product contains natural moisturizing ingredients Betaine and whitening ingredients nicotinamide (Niacinamide), whitening effect is obvious. 2 LOHANA WHITE SNOW SKIN EMULSION: natural products such as hairy roots, mistletoe, soybean extract and so on are naturally abundant in S

护肤必知的三大准则 LOHANA来揭晓-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 明显变得明朗起来的天气却不能忽视天气变化对肌肤带来的影响。除了要在生活作息上有所改善,每日细致的家庭护肤更是需坚持到底。   拥有健康犹如透明般的肤质几乎是每个女性的梦想,但你对护肤到底有多少正确的认识呢?从生活作息到基础护肤上打造好肤质必知的护肤诀窍,LOHANA来为你揭晓。   ? 养成正确的饮食习惯      众所周知,保湿对肌肤的重要性。人体细胞的60~70%也是由水分来维持运作的,因此充分的摄取水分是对健康的保障。另外,当人体的水分不足时,肌肤也会倍感干燥。尤其是在干燥的秋冬季节充分饮水是打造健康肌肤的基础。   相较肉食来说蔬菜与水果有更丰富的水分及维他命,这些都是对肌肤有益的成分。选择正确的水果在保湿肌肤的同时还可有美白的功效。如石榴就是美肤水果之一,它含有丰富的维他命。西兰花含有丰富的维他命C在美白肌肤的同时,还可有效的延缓肌肤的衰老速度。   ? 阻挡紫外线      多晒太阳可为身体补充维他命D,然而紫外线不但是加速肌肤老化速度的原因,还会在肌肤上生成雀斑、晒斑等瑕疵。因此,在外出去务必细致地涂抹防晒产品。   防晒产品可为肌肤打造出一层保护膜以防紫外线对肌肤健康的侵害。另外,防晒产品的功效通常只可维持三小时左右,需长时间在外活动时建议以三小时为单位重复涂抹。   ? 细致的日日护肤      女性肌肤一旦过了25岁就正式进入老化阶段。21、2岁时即使只使用润肤水、乳液肌肤状态也可保持良好,但是到了30岁,在选择基础护肤产品时则需要下足功夫。因为肌肤一点进入老化阶段,弹力就会渐渐失去,抵御外界环境侵害的能量也会有所降低。   因此,建议在选择肌肤护肤产品时产品所含的成分是否纯净、无刺激尤为的重要。在选择美白产品时也不可只在乎其美白功效是否卓越,还应注意在美白的同时保湿功效是否卓越,其所含有的美白成分是否对肌肤无害等。   EITOR’S PICK 打造洁净健康肌肤的必备单品      01. LOHANA WHITE SNOW SKIN SOFTNER:该产品含有天然保湿成分Betaine与美白成分烟酰胺(Niacinamide),美白功效显而易见。   02. LOHANA WHITE SNOW SKIN EMULSION:该产品内富含的毛根、槲寄生、大豆发酵萃取物等天然型成分可赋予肌肤充足的水分,保湿功效卓越。   03. LOHANA WHITE SNOW RADIANCE CREAM:该产品有snowdrop、edelweiss、CHAMomile、雏菊、百合五种主要成分,具有皮肤美白和保湿的功效。被称作海藻类的绿色鱼子酱的海葡萄提取物(Caulerpa Lentillifera)有助于打造白皙透明,光彩润泽的肌肤。林仙花 郑文兰 文 LOHANA,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: