SMAP will be issued before the dissolution of fine anthology of red and white can see the fate of So

SMAP will be issued before the dissolution of fine anthology of red and white can see the fate of Sohu – farewell entertainment SMAP Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) scheduled at SMAP national idol group this year will determine the dissolution of the former issue commemorative zixuanji debut 25 anniversary, is scheduled to be released in 10 days after the dissolution of selection in December 21st, is expected to use the fan voting results. At 3 CD a set of suits, total collection of 50 classic song. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama SMAP had also carried out included collection planning fans voted song, this is the third time to carry out the fans to vote to elect 50 first into the collection in the SMAP has issued more than and 400 tracks. According to the record company planning stakeholders said that the selection of the release of the album is expected to support the fans over the years to support the expansion. SMAP new album project in SMAP last month published news prior to the beginning of the dissolution, but will be announced after the dissolution of the firm said to collect five attendance, propaganda song is almost impossible, but the selection of projects may be launched to commemorate, and record company began making selection, give up the issue of new work planning. Sync with the selected set to determine the release of December 28th, SMAP officially disbanded 3 days before the release of the Blu ray DVD, including a combination of the debut of a total of 55 singles PV images and concert images. At the same time as the SMAP five difficult to meet President Kita Kawa to attend the activities, johnnys clear red song NHK and the battle is likely to be in the audience, or will be in the December 26th broadcast variety show "SMAP× SMAP"; the last time saw members gathered.相关的主题文章: