Smart home wireless technology will become a trend

Smart home wireless technology will become the trend of the global smart home market size of about $1 billion 300 million, emerging countries accounted for 13% of the global smart home market. The United States dominates the global smart home market, in 2015 revenue of about $600 million, while China’s smart home revenue of nearly $70 million. 2015 to 2020, the annual growth rate of China’s smart home complex is opposite, China’s fastest growth rate of around 38.2%, is expected in 2020 China’s smart home market reached $435 million. ?? Networking era has arrived, Home Furnishing intelligent networking industry networking will most people live close to the first floor, with the continuous development of wireless network technology, wireless network technology as Home Furnishing intelligent network technology platform, the development of intelligent Home Furnishing network played a good role in promoting. People began to use radio instead of the traditional cable, to achieve the intelligent interconnection of personal information terminals, the formation of personalized home information network. Currently, there are many technologies used in smart home, including Zigbee, Z-wave, BluetoothMesh, Allseen (Alljoyn), Weave, Hilink, IoTivity, OpenIoT, etc., each has advantages and disadvantages. This paper mainly introduces eight kinds of network technology which can be used in smart home. First, the use of smart home in the eight smart networking technology? ZigBee is based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard low-power LAN protocol. It is a short distance and low power wireless communication technology. It is characterized by short distance, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption, low data rate. It is suitable for automatic control and remote control. ZigBee in the room can usually reach 30-50 meters of the distance, in the open space can even reach 400 meters, in short, ZigBee is a cheap, low-power short-range wireless communication technology. Z-Wave is one of the most widely used wireless network specifications, which is based on Zensys, which is a new wireless communication technology with low cost, low power consumption and high reliability. Effective coverage of the signal in the room is 30m, outdoor can be more than 100m, suitable for narrow broadband applications. Z-Wave technology specifically for narrowband applications and innovative software solutions to replace the high cost of hardware, so only a small part of the cost of similar technologies can be used to form a high-quality wireless network. The Z-wave Alliance (Z-waveAlliance) although no ZigBee alliance is strong, but Z-wave members are already present in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing products manufacturers, the alliance has more than and 160 well-known international companies, the scope of the basic coverage of various countries and regions in the world. ?? BluetoothMesh born CSR advocate private protocol, CSRMesh. CSRMesh was made in February 2014 by C.相关的主题文章: