Spring Festival tour Lijiang] jade water Dongba, all creatures

There is a place in the legend of the

, lived in the ancient nation, everyone singing and dancing, they are never alone. One day, I went to a place, saw a dance, heard a song, met a group of people…… From now on, can not put down, can not forget. The ancient nation, inadvertently touch will rub a spark, ignite a passion for the land.

this is Dongba culture! An ancient nation that has been handed down for thousands of years, they give us something that we have never had…… Classical dance, stepped out of the dust. This is an important part of the ancient Dongba culture.

came to the legendary land of Western Yunnan, Lijiang jade water let us eye opener. Dance like ghost like action, different from the past for superstitious resentment, in fact there is a beautiful touch, carefully watching the different crazy, I found most of the content is the manifestation of unremitting struggle with nature and society as Guna evil. This is moving, but also shock. They are not afraid of difficulties, with their own never lonely unity and understanding, knock out the spread of Dongba culture.

yes, this is the jade water, with a silent cry to calm the hearts of a touch of agitation. From here, the Dongba culture in the stockade takes us to the history of a nation. Here, feel the customs and customs of different nationalities, the warm atmosphere of the Qing Dynasty in the clear sky of the heat wave, the flowing water, the peak of the snow, the ancient culture, non-stop nation……

here in the legend of a snow capped mountains, white clouds floating on the top of the mountain, repeated dreams, ah, silent understanding. Yes, this is the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, our hearts a sacred land. In this piece of pure land supply, silently in its northern village, jade jade not to utter a single word, the ancient city of river of The stream never stops flowing. Sacrifice of the jade jade, as well as his name, with water is not only the Old Town of Lijiang civilization is the Dongba culture. Jade Shuiruo large springs along the hillside down and folded three fold, the Naxi people worship of dragon three Dieshui, in the life.

they put their life in the water was three fold Shenquan appearance, they put the "three Dieshui" put on the Seder, the "three style" built the Naxi courtyard, the "three style" dress. For the worship of Dongba people will let water all the rivers as the protection of the object, so, here, you can see the water is no longer monotonous, but intact heritage of ethnic group in the three Dragon Waterfall, is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain’s largest trees and raising the national pride of kamiizumi.

story of the Dongba people, with their own blood and teachings spread the nation’s beliefs, this is a dream, but also in the future generations who clearly understand the trace of the spirit and the lack of guilt.

in this piece of pure land, there is a place to live on the side of the sun, so that the heart is no longer floating, so that the dream of the cabin to stop. If the Dongba Holy Land let the scroll of culture;