Take a small hand to travel the Swiss ski trip 3


goodbye, to meet you in Engelberg tonight!

left Davos on that day, I and my father went to Zurich to pick up my small airport, and then the whole family to Engelberg, during a few times to turn the car, carrying heavy luggage, thanks to a strong Swiss and human traffic system, there are Zhiyun luggage service, perfect! Procedures are simple and convenient, no more than three minutes of their luggage was put up red label, sent to Engelberg, we were able to go to the airport to meet a relaxed Xiaoyue dad. (the day before the 19:00 before the luggage is only 12 / piece if Rui, fast service, to the day of arrival of a delivery service only subject to a sum of 30 Swiss law of departure fee.)

Through the window of the luggage

Xiaoyue whispered: "goodbye, at night we went to Engelberg to meet you!"


finally met dad!

finally received from Beijing to spend the holiday with us Xiaoyue father! See Dad, my happy immediately rushed past, still cold have a fever overwhelmed Xiaoyue dad, all of a sudden coughing violently, I quickly took his hand to comfort: "all right, to Switzerland, here the air is good, the mother has not cough, after two days, you will not cough." (as a native of Beijing, remember this sentence, I said at that time really heartache)

we just went to the father early than Xiaoyue 4 days, but there seems to be a century Ozuki story to tell him that the train started a bird chirping non-stop, until say tired, just rely on his father’s shoulders together into the Swiss picturesque and his dreams……

I looked at the opposite a little touched, and quickly took it down with a cell phone, turned to find the old lady sitting on the opposite side is smiling to see a family of three.

The legend of

‘s Jubilee classmate

car to Engelberg, we also identify the direction, wearing a red ski jacket Chinese boy with vigorous strides walked over, that is a classmate, the next two days, the spring students in Engelberg is our guide, but also a ski coach and Satsuki Xiaoyue dad.


story is legendary, grew up in rural areas to children, because the leadership inspection 1 to the use of resources, the development of local skiing, and serendipity and several buddy together at home studying skiing, and made great efforts to race, the retired cadres be strangers to each other to guide the children in accordance with the red head file when issued by the government for resettlement work, when the country to the state-owned units assigned him after the collapse, the children of trouble again feel shy and the government, to determine their own battles out, after several twists and turns finally became an outstanding Swiss ski coach, is married to a Swiss American wife, has been low-key and now wonderfull life;