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Reference-and-Education A teacher aides job duty is to work together with the teacher in the classroom, helping the teacher in managing and supervising students. Teacher"s aides are also called teaching assistants, paraprofessional educators, or instructional assistants. Generally, their job duty is to assist not only school teachers but also school administrators and other school officials with instructional responsibilities. Teaching aides are important members of the teaching staff who perform job duties essential for educational institutions to function efficiently. Job Duties of Teacher"s Aide "The main job duty of a teacher"s aide is to assist teachers or professors in the school, be it inside or outside the classroom. "In the classroom, you will pass out workbooks, textbooks, and school supplies such as paper and pencil to the students. "You will provide one-on-one tutoring or teach and help children in small groups while the teacher is working with other students in the classroom. You will help the students in doing various activities such as reviewing lessons and helping them read out loud. "A teacher"s aide assists in classroom management such as organizing instructional materials, bulletin boards, labeling supplies, and making inventories of stock materials. It will also be your duty to help enforce discipline among students including the implementation of school policies. "Your job duty includes clerical work like taking attendance and filling out daily attendance sheets and worksheets. You will also grade home works and correct test papers, as well as help in keeping records such as report cards. "A teacher"s aide"s Job duties include acting as a translator to students. "Outside the classroom, teacher"s aides supervise recess and manage students in hallways, during field trips, and other extra-curricular activities. "You will provide instructional assistance when students are working in .puter laboratories, libraries or media centers. "Operate equipment needed for instructional activities such photocopiers, projectors and other visual aids, and set up equipment for science experiments. "It is also your job duty to assist special needs students or disabled students in activities and their physical needs such as going to the bathroom or eating. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: