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That’s 19 trillion and 500 billion dollars! Abstract: the United States is currently the total amount of bonds than the United States, the largest market capitalization of more than 500 listed companies more. Tencent financial news, according to the Visual Capitalists article, when a number of more than 1 billion or trillions of times, people have no concept of these figures. The United States now owes the debt is such a huge number of people do not have the concept of. The United States now has a total of $19 trillion and 500 billion of treasury bonds, for such a huge number estimated that you do not have any concept. So how do we understand such a huge number? If we compare the data with some of the images, you may be able to understand. Today, we look at the visual way to see how much of the national debt in the United States? 1, the United States is currently the total amount of bonds than the United States, the largest market capitalization of more than 500 listed companies. Tracking the United States, the 500 largest market capitalization of the S & P 500 index of the current market value of only $19 trillion and 100 billion. Standard & Poor’s 500 index contains the company’s giants, Apple Corp, Exxon Mobil Oil Corp, Microsoft Corp, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Johnson &, Johnson and other large international companies. In the summer of 2016, the total market capitalization of all companies in S & P 500 was $19 trillion and 100 billion, compared with $19 trillion and 500 billion in the u.s.. 2, the weight ratio of the top 7 Global Treasury management information management company more money to the world’s largest fund management companies such as Blackrock, Vanguard and Fidelity in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF and other forms of asset managers trillions of dollars of assets. The world’s top 7 asset management companies to manage the total assets of $18 trillion and 900 billion. The total debt of 3, the United States is 25 times that of 2015 global oil exports can be said that the world’s oil exports by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia won. But the total amount of oil exports compared with the total amount of u.s.. Saudi Arabia, for example, needs to export 146 years at current levels of oil exports in order to keep the current u.s.. 4, the total amount of U.S. Treasury bonds is 155 times the world’s annual gold production. For a long time, gold was a symbol of money and wealth. At present, the world’s annual gold production of about 3000 tons (about 96 million ounces). According to the current international price of gold, the world needs to extract 155 years of gold to the United States is now on the national debt. 5. As a matter of fact, the total amount of treasury bonds is more than the sum of all kinds of foreign exchange in the world, physical gold and silver, as well as the sum of bitcoins. If you add up all of the dollar, euro, yen, pound, Renminbi and other physical notes and coins to a mere $5 trillion. Global physical gold is $7 trillion and 700 billion, the value of the global physical value of $20 billion, the total value of the global currency of $11 billion. All this adds up to $12 trillion and 730 billion, equivalent to about 65% of the total. Translation Yilia.相关的主题文章: