The 2016 Hainan international car (car) camping Expo will be held – Sports –

The 2016 Hainan international car (car) camping Expo will be held – Sports – conference site. Li Da   photo October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaguang) 2016 Hainan international car (car) camping Leisure Tourism Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Lubo") press conference held in Haikou city in October 13th. The press conference to launch will be held in Haikou International Exhibition Center in November 11th second Lubo, and through the activities, exhibitions, forums showcase achievements and advanced experience of the development of domestic tourism, promote the development of sports leisure and camping, camping industry, and further improve the international tourist island of Hainan and Haikou Business Exhibition service the international competitive advantage. Host the 2016 "Lubo" spread by sports culture of Haikou City Exhibition Bureau and Beijing camping Co. Ltd., "leading the international fashion? Reshape the concept of tourism" as the theme, domestic and foreign brands, RV and camping equipment such as the ecological house cool appearance, camping supplies, food science and technology, the vehicle will also allow visitors fishing gear etc. eye-opening. The Lubo will be larger, many merchants, content rich, bright scene, and showing a through green environmental protection, ecological health, blue economic reality version of camping and RV life table. Since last year, the first "Lubo" in Haikou after landing, the organizers of Hainan is committed to build a national industry demonstration base, international camping camping island. Experience line and camp in Hainan, the design and development of a number of camping at present, Five Fingers Group in Hainan, Sanya, Qiongzhong, Qionghai and other places, the East camp project has landed. According to incomplete statistics, during the first 2015 "Lubo", Hainan province landing project involving nearly 500 million yuan, of which the construction of camp four cooperation projects; sports leisure project two; car rental of a project; project a camping car parks; Ten Star Hotel project. At present, Lubo will all work smoothly. Participating merchants very enthusiastically, among them, EVEVCAR RV, RV, RV, Junan Hagrid Boway RV, RV, Goodrich, Zhongtian beauty, Morten technology, fingerprint Ronggui hydropower pile, Mercedes Benz, COLUMBUS, Chinese Nanxing Aerospace Science and technology, national public technology transfer platform for domestic and foreign brands car enterprises and camping industry the brand has been recognized in the exhibition. Domestic exhibitors involved in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other 23 provinces and cities, as well as Germany, Britain, Holland, Sweden and other countries have settled in a number of well-known brands. There will be more follow-up RV camping industry leading enterprises settled in the exhibition, to create China South’s largest RV camping equipment exhibition. First, the Lubo will highlight the five major points: a bright light exhibition area of more comprehensive planning more clearly show the exhibition "Lubo" fluttering area of 45 thousand?, including indoor area 35 thousand?, outdoor area 10 thousand?, compared to last year the area increased by 10 thousand? A, B, C, set the hall and hall field, a set of products, brand promotion, enterprise promotion, resource integration and information sharing in one. Among them, the A museum contains the province’s cities and counties exhibition, Provincial Exhibition相关的主题文章: