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The Bulls starting five double win over Portland wave flow for 3 consecutive victories – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive articles, is forbidden) November 16th Beijing time, NBA regular season continues, the Portland Trail Blazers in the home court against the Chicago bulls, bulls to 113 to 88 victory over Portland, Butler played well cut 27 points and 12 rebounds and 5 assists. The score (Portland in front): 14-35, 23-21, 26-27, Portland side, Lillard 19 points and 5 rebounds and 4 assists, McCollum 17 points and 4 assists, Crabbe 15 points and 4 rebounds, Davies 9 points and 9 rebounds, 9 points and 6 rebounds Plumlee 4 assists the Bulls side, Butler 27 points and 12 rebounds in 5 assists, Wade 19 points and 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Grant 18 points and 5 steals, Lopez 13 points and 11 rebounds, Gibson 12 points and 11 rebounds, Milo Diqy 8 points and 8 rebounds. The first section opened, the Bulls play firepower, five people have scored 13 direct more than 2 small climax, the Blazers team 12 throw in 1, played 8 minutes the Blazers had only 9 points, the first section of Harding park with 35 bulls 14 lead Portland 21 Festival Battles, Turner and Davies teamed up with 8 points, but Wade scored 5 points back, after Lillard finally hit ninth shots, but the Blazers still 18 points behind, more than 56 to 37 zhanba half bull leading the Blazers with 19 points, the entire first half Portland three ball shot 17 times only hit 2 times, while the Bulls three points 2 of 5. Easy side battles, Grant and Robin teamed up with 6 points to start, Lillard finally got 6 points, but Grant hit three points, Milo Diqy voted in, Butler scored 8 points, three zhanba bulls still lead Portland with 20 points, 83 more than 63 distal start, Milo Diqy three points and Canaan has hit three points Wade, even two jumper score has reached 24 points, the Blazers powerless, the bulls to 113 than 88 beat the Blazers, the Bulls won three straight pioneer lineup: Damien Lillard, CJ- McCollum, Mo Rees, Mayes Leonard, Huck – Mason Plum Leigh bull lineup: Robin – Lopez, Jimmy – Butler, Dwyne – Gibson, Thailand – Wade, Grant – Jielian (Sohu sports exclusive articles, is forbidden)相关的主题文章: