The donkey water provocative songs sung lead to billions of dollars at the box office mp7a1

"The donkey water" provocative songs sung Allison cited billions of dollars at the box office with the whole man "the iron man hand" Pei Kuishan man play coppersmith Sina entertainment news by Zhou Shen, Liu Lu screenwriter director of comedy film "donkey" national film is water. The film with excellent quality of content, the actor’s stunning performance, sparked a warm concern and discussion, numerous viewers give the evaluation of the book of the year". Movie release week, the cumulative box office exceeded 100 million, the audience’s viewing enthusiasm is still unabated. Today, the film side exposed a series of reputation, since the roadshow audience support expressed gratitude. The simultaneous release of "a villain" promotional photos also use humor to reproduce characters in the movie, the audience laugh. The movie a week, reputation continued fermentation, vivid character caused the audience hot line, gold has become the latest buzzwords, the movie theme song "I want you" sounds more sultry, is caused by Sung, become fashionable for a time. "The magic water" broke box office billion mark "Eddie donkey" "tap water" "water" donkey grateful audience after the release, in the attack of Hollywood blockbusters, single day box office counter attack, won the championship in recent days. Movie release 7 days at the box office to break through the 100 million mark, the audience’s viewing enthusiasm remains unabated. For a star in no small cost movies, all of this is commendable, in addition to excellent quality depends on the movie itself, is even more spontaneous support cannot do without the audience. The movie since the start of the roadshow, will continue to harvest the "tap water", by Siqin Gaowa, Chen Yao, Shen Teng, Alan, Wang Zhi, Yan Fei, Peng Damo and other large coffee behind. The movie intensive bursting point was like a funny twist, "" impressive "; and the theme connotation is the audience praised:" deeper meaning "will make people think more" laugh with tears, this film did". Today the film side this batch of "tap water" reputation collection special release, support for all "water" donkey audience to express gratitude. As director Liu Lu had said: "we believe that the audience is the most intelligent." Simultaneous exposure of the "string villain" publicity photos, also in a humorous way to reproduce the role relationship, seen the movie audience laugh. The story "material" to lead the trend of provocative songs topic "I want you" sung "donkey" caused the water after the release, the ultimate form of comedy, the content was profound, triggered widespread hot industry and the audience and won the praise of the 2016 surprise comedy". The audience of the film characters and plot spontaneous discussion, the formation of a large social platform on the topic of the effect. Evaluation of the audience movie role was "rare vivid characters, including actress Zhang Yiman is a female topic of feminist trend. The movie a week, the reputation of continuous fermentation, and many classic plot lines by audiences. "Leg clamping" "go" became the most popular funny lines of new words; "do" in the past, if not to stick at trifles "so in the past, only after getting worse and worse" has the profound meaning of the verse is triggered a heated debate. A man in the song "I want you" is a wave of boom, many viewers by this haunting waves, is "heart itch" little love song touched. )相关的主题文章: