The final match point reverse Murray save Rao Niki first into the men’s singles final (video)-3u8895

The final match point reverse Murray save Rao Niki first into the men’s singles final in 218 minutes Murray staged a comeback in the final Murray Djokovic sweep nishikori finals for the first time the men’s singles final in November 20th 2016 Tencent sports season ATP finals today to start the men’s singles semi-finals. Top seed, Britain’s Murray in the final set to resolve the opponent’s match point after 5-7, 7-6 (5) and 7-6 (9) beat 4 seeded Canadian champion Rao Niki, made on the opponent’s 8 game winning streak, occupation career for the first time into the finals of the men’s singles final. Murray began to usher in the outbreak of the game focus from Wimbledon this year, winning Wimbledon, the Rio Olympics, the net, Shanghai masters, Vienna tournament and the Paris Masters champion, world ranking beyond Djokovic became the new NO.1. The finals of the top seed Murray to his identity, he defeated the group phase in Cilic, Kei and Valinka, to enter the semi-finals to the identity of the first group head, today playing his opponent is currently ranked fourth in the world, Canada’s Rao Niki, after the group phase in 2 wins and 1 losses, the first occupation career promotion the men’s singles semi-final finals. The game started Murray’s condition is not very good, the two players launched a fierce battle, Rao Niki in the first game to complete the key break in the eleventh inning to 7-5 before the next city; the second game by Murray snatched in 7 games to regain a thrilling decider; Murray in snatched in 7 games to resolve the opponent in his final match point, the fourth match on the adventure of Rao Niki’s victory, made 8 wins, two people total overall record down 9 wins and 3 losses, occupation career for the first time to the ATP finals of the men’s singles final. Technical statistics project Murray (UK) Rao Niki (Canada) ACE double ball error scoring rate 62%74% two scoring rate 63%45% break the success rate of 37 (43%) 412 (33%) total score today serve Murray feel generally, in the number of ACE to 7-10 behind the ball on the two people, each has 6 double faults. Murray scoring rate is less than Rao Niki, but the two scoring rate advantage, Rao Niki game finished 4 break, and Murray in the 7 break point 3 break success, the total score is slightly ahead of Murray to 138-136. Highlights of today’s first game, first serve Murray, he with a beautiful Love game start, two players start their own security 1 times, Murray played Love game again in the third, two people to compete immediately into the first 8 innings stalemate, the two sides issued their own security 4-4 draw, Murray could not get a break point, but Rao Niki Dze has wasted 4 break point opportunities. The next two players and 1 issued their own security bureau rewriting is 5-5, the key of the eleventh, Rao Niki small 40-15 get two consecutive break points, with Murray hit the ball, Rao Niki completed the first break to lead 6-5 into their serving dish Bureau, in the Twelfth Canadian champion to small 40-15 get two consecutive check in after Murray defuse a).相关的主题文章: