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The first half report – Monti break the deadlock slightly back injury Liu Binbin Luneng 1-0 Yatai – Sohu sports in Beijing time 19:35 on September 10th, 2016 Super League season, the twenty-fourth round of the echelon war, Shandong Luneng at home court against the "vice monitor" Changchun yatai. Thirteenth minutes in the first half, Monti opened the scoring. Nineteenth minutes, Liu Binbin was replaced because of injury. At the end of the first half, Luneng 1-0 lead yatai. Luneng and Yatai two once the Super League Division battle is now only be labeled "relegation battle" label. In the 12 games before the two rounds of the super game, Luneng scored a total of two games, ranking rose to the top, from the relegation zone has the advantage of a score of 6 points. However, because there are AFC Champions League League and also face behind Hengda, Hong Kong, national security and other strong competitors, not to seize the opportunity to win Luneng Yatai, final rounds may become the relegation battle of life and death. Yatai last 3 games and won 2 points, but still only 19 points, 5 points behind the bottom third of teda. This service, Yatai’s top scorer Moorello because of accumulated yellow card suspension, the Yatai attack was serious losses, he scored 18 goals in the team’s 10 goal. The opening stages of both sides in the exploratory stage, until thirteenth minutes before Hao Junmin rush after the success of the pick in the restricted area, left Liu Binbin headed back to knock, the penalty area Montillo neat Luneng 1-0 lead. Fifteenth minutes, Wang Dalei ball in hand directly into the front, Liu Binbin got the ball into the box through high speed single form, did not get one chance in the back of the interference of players, the ball was confiscated all Yatai goalkeeper?. Liu Binbin was injured in the attack and was replaced by Wu Xinghan. Eighteenth minutes, monkey feather before the restricted area header ferry, Paley direct shot. Twenty-fifth minutes, Monti, Qi Tianyu, Pele slightly before consecutive passes, and finally by Dai Lin restricted area before the shot, the ball was blocked by a defender. Twenty-seventh minutes, Wu Xinghan xiechuan Yatai defense came off the bench behind, relaxation left the ball, but did not get the point of paley. Thirtieth minutes, Li Zhangzhu replaced with the Li Guang of the. Thirty-first minutes of relaxation, along the left side even after over two foot hushe. Thirty-ninth minutes, Luneng won the front left free kick, Montillo opened the ball to the small closed line, Gil header just wide. Forty-first minutes after the ball in front of Paley xiechuan, box unmarked monkey feather but he did not stop the strike, and the chance to miss a single ball. At the end of the first half, Luneng 1-0 lead yatai. Shandong Luneng lineup (4231): 25- Wang Dalei; 13- 6- Usire, 4- Gil, Zhang 2-, Zhao Ming sword; 35- Dai Lin, Hao Junmin 22-; Liu Binbin 11- (19 "17- Wu Xinghan), Monti 10-, Qi Tianyu 7- 24- slightly; Pelle; subs: 20- Han Ze, 3- Li Songyi, 14-? Tong Wang, 15- Li Wei, Wu Xinghan, 17- 18- Cisse, 31- song dragon; Changchun Yatai starting lineup (4231): 13-? 23-, 5- fan; Zhang Xiaofei 15- Sun Jie, 1, izmailov.相关的主题文章: