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Food and Drug Administration: 50 batches of mask add banned substances Lang Yao daily list according to Xinhua news agency,   the State Food and Drug Administration yesterday announced the supervision of the mask cosmetics sampling results, Lang Yao chemical (Shanghai) Limited production of gold 4 1 Bai Xiufu Yun Kou intensive mask and a number of enterprises in 50 batches the existence of illegal products add banned substances, local food and Drug Supervision Bureau for investigation is related to the production enterprises. List of products for specific enterprises have been publicized in the food and Drug Administration website. 50 batches of substandard products were found to contain clobetasol propionate, betamethasone, triamcinolone acetonide, triamcinolone acetonide acetate, betamethasone dipropionate, beclomethasone dipropionate, betamethasone valerate and glucocorticoid substance. Reporters learned that the long-term use of cosmetics containing glucocorticoids may lead to facial skin to produce dark spots, atrophy thinning and other issues, there may also be a hormone dependent dermatitis and other consequences, "Hygienic standard for cosmetics" (2007 Edition) its provisions for cosmetics material. It is understood that the production of substandard products in Shanghai city and the Guangdong provincial food and drug administration is for investigation of the relevant manufacturer. The food and Drug Administration requirements of two provinces and cities in the food and drug administration to verify the situation after the enterprise shall be ordered to immediately stop production, to immediately take off the shelf, recall and other measures of related products have been listed for sale; on the basis of the facts established on the enterprise illegal, especially several times in the supervision and sampling found unqualified products, severely and, until the revocation of the license, suspected of a crime to the public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. The food and Drug Administration requirements, all commercial enterprises should immediately stop selling underground storage racks were found substandard products, and report the relevant information to the local food and drug supervision departments at or above the county level. Editor in chief: GDN002 食药监总局:50批次面膜添加禁用物质 朗曜日化上榜   据新华社电 国家食品药品监督管理总局昨日公布了对面膜类化妆品的监督抽检结果,朗曜日化(上海)有限公司生产的金蔻4合1密集润白修复面膜等多家企业共50批次产品存在非法添加禁用物质问题,相关地方食品药品监管局正在对相关生产企业进行立案查处。   具体企业产品名单已在食药监总局网站上公示。50批次不合格产品均检出含有氯倍他索丙酸酯、倍他米松、曲安奈德、曲安奈德醋酸酯、倍他米松双丙酸酯、倍氯米松双丙酸酯、倍他米松戊酸酯等糖皮质激素物质。记者了解到,长期使用含有糖皮质激素类的化妆品可能导致面部皮肤产生黑斑、萎缩变薄等问题,还可能出现激素依赖性皮炎等后果,《化妆品卫生规范》(2007年版)规定其为化妆品中禁用物质。   据了解,不合格产品的生产企业所在地上海市和广东省食品药品监管局正在对相关生产企业进行立案查处。食药监总局要求两省市食品药品监管局核实情况后责令企业立即停产,督促对已上市销售的相关产品立即采取下架、召回等措施;在查清事实的基础上,对企业违法违规问题,特别是多次在监督抽检中发现不合格产品的企业,依法严厉查处,直至吊销许可证,涉嫌犯罪的移交公安机关追究刑事责任。   食药监总局要求,各地商业企业应立即停止销售,就地下架封存被检出的不合格产品,并将有关情况报告当地县级以上食品药品监管部门。 责任编辑: GDN002相关的主题文章: