The foreign media exposure posted Samsung S7 bright screen

The foreign media exposure posted Samsung S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 series as the bright screen will be local time in Barcelona on February 21st officially released, because of the attention and expectations are very high, the Samsung S7 has news exposure in almost every week. This does not, today foreign technology website Android Headlines in advance of the drying out of the Samsung S7 and S7 edge real machine bright screen spy, take a look at the ultimate exposure. Samsung S7 bright screen as spy photos show, 5.5 inch Samsung S7 edge 5.2 inch Samsung S7. But on the whole, the Samsung S7’s appearance is not much difference with the Samsung S6, but there are some subtle changes in the details, such as the Samsung S7 will support waterproof function, the protruding degree of the main lens is reduced. Samsung S7 bright screen according to the settings in the spy interface display, Samsung S7 will run Android 6.0.1 operating system, and the built-in version of KNOX 2.6, is expected to bring some improvements and new features. In addition, Samsung Pay also appears on the screen, indicating that it is a very important function, while the Always On Display "normally display" function has also been confirmed. Allegedly, Samsung S7 series will be listed on March 11th, please look forward to.

终极大曝光 外媒贴出三星S7真机亮屏照   三星Galaxy S7系列将于巴塞罗那当地时间2月21日正式发布,由于关注度和期待值都很高,三星S7在几乎每周都有新消息曝光。这不,今天国外科技网站Android Headlines就提前晒出了三星S7以及S7 edge的真机亮屏谍照,一起来看看终极曝光吧。 三星S7真机亮屏照   谍照显示,5.5英寸的三星S7 edge比5.2英寸的三星S7大。而整体上,三星S7的外观与三星S6没有太大差别,但在细节上有一些微妙的变化,比如三星S7将支持防水功能,主镜头的突起程度也减小了。 三星S7真机亮屏照   谍照中的设置界面显示,三星S7将运行Android 6.0.1操作系统,并内置KNOX 2.6版本,预计将会带来一些改进和新功能。另外,Samsung Pay也出现在屏幕上,说明它是一项非常重要的功能,同时Always On Display“常显”功能也得到证实。据称,三星S7系列将于3月11日上市,敬请期待。相关的主题文章: