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The history of the most cool "F4" debut Carina Lau happy to direct kisses to the star entertainment history the most cool Sohu – " F4"   Sohu entertainment news this Friday, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" continued hot open, following last week’s Olympic Games after the man of God, and have a group of "metrosexual man" violent attack. "We will come" into the Dalian fire brigade, fire brigade and intimate interaction, the program, ten guests and firefighters were not only breathtaking fire together with the practical operation of the exercise, after dinner to a gala party, hi explosive atmosphere. The goddess of subversive attempt other new "F4" surprise appearance causes laughter in this program, training and life all the guests will be the front line of the fire officers and firefighters, the stars not only with a series of fire drills into the courtyard, gathering together and firefighters. In order to extract the daily work training heavy fire officers and soldiers, Sheenah, Joe Chen, Jiang Yiyan and Xi Mengyao were ready to create new styles a funny parody. Four uniform dress, a white dress on the exaggerated wig, simply can not see the goddess true colors". Modeling is completed, Joe Chen asked around "I really do not ugly, but always gentle Jiang Yiyan directly up the knife" point ", when Joe Chen is sad to see Xi Mengyao back after other instant grin. Sheenah said: "you worry about seeing the fans will say I take you away!" Four people have never tried such short hair Jiang Yiyan said he was very satisfied with the new shape, has been in front of the lens asked: "handsome?" In order to give the fire officers and soldiers show the most wonderful performances, even we are constantly waiting exercises and take place, the most special field in the history of the song "meteor shower" will show how nonsensical "fruit laugh? We all look forward to. Sheenah’s infinite posing super will tease Carina Lau second sister offered many kisses it is understood that the "F4" in order to keep the other mystery until the last moment, four people holding each other back to the audience on stage, the full range of children. God has been to imitate the skills to dominate the Sheenah, the magic show. The music together, she turned a look, affectionate, handsome, Xu Jiao exclaimed "like ah, Carina Lau waving his hands, along with interactive chorus. To sing the chorus, four together towards the audience and all people interact, sitting in the audience of the guests also direct smaller fans seeking to shake hands. Carina Lau see Sheenah approached directly up, hugged Sheenah offered a kiss, Sheenah responded: "I just hot female fans give me a kiss, where are you staying tonight?" Indulge in imitation of the four people were reluctant to step down in the end, the last captain Yuan Hong helpless down directly to everyone". The guests came to the coastal city of Dalian, into the "hundred years of fire," said the Dalian fire brigade. This is a soft collision and blood, will produce what kind of spark? Please look forward to this Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV, "we are coming".相关的主题文章: