The man stole half suppressed quit addiction did not hold back to the police pilfering

The man stole half suppressed quit addiction did not hold back to the police "pilfering" Wang for repeatedly stealing is dealt with by public security organs, for stealing quit addiction problems, he hid in a small factory in the work for half a year. The evening of September 11th, lonely Wang street, the "walk" the old habit of recurrence, so he did not think that stealing is actually a policeman…… Police: Maokui Hill police station in Dandong city police officer Lee told reporters that deja vu, in late September 11th 8, he and his friends sitting in the street in front of the new world Kam colorful leisure chair when chatting, received a phone call, then the mobile phone on the side of the bench. "After about 10 minutes, I felt a movement behind me." Lee police officer said, he turned his head and saw a man on the phone while walking behind him. For occupation sensitive, police officer Lee always feel in front of this scene of deja vu, he quickly saw a side of the stool, found that the mobile phone has gone. The handling of several cases of theft, the suspects were quietly appeared in the victim behind, then pretend to call out." Li said to reporters after the military police. At the time my mind suddenly flashed a thought two." Lee said the police officer, the first idea: the phone was stolen. The second idea: I am a police officer, the man in front of the phone is likely to be a suspect, I have to catch him. Stand still." Lee police officer shouted, the man suddenly called a Leng, turned and ran. Lee police officers to catch up, a single arm action, the suspect control. At this point, the suspect on the other hand is holding a stolen cell phone. "Are you a cop?" The suspect was surprised at the police officer. Maokui Hill police station after the alarm, the mobile phone theft suspect Wang back to the police station. Suspect: I quit smoking for half a year police interrogation found that the suspect Wang criminal record theft, theft by public security organs to deal with more than ten times. "Actually, I don’t want to steal." Wang explained that he graduated from high school, infected with the habit of stealing touch. In the shopping malls, supermarkets to see something stolen, can not control their own hands, if you do not steal, I feel uncomfortable. So he has repeatedly been arrested, every time after the arrest, always decided to quit, but it still could not reach out. Wang said he was repeatedly arrested, his wife often divorced him. In March this year, he came to the outskirts of a small factory, decided not to set foot in the city’s shopping malls and supermarkets, to steal a quit addiction. In the first half of the time, working in small factories where, in addition to buy some daily necessities, he almost didn’t have the factory door, which has not had to steal. On the same day, has quit addiction Wang thought stole the car came to the city, to see when the stool mobile phone, my heart suddenly itch, can’t help hand. Currently, Wang suspicion of theft, criminal detention according to law. Expert: kleptomania is a kind of addiction behavior of Dandong psychological counseling experts, later said in an interview with reporters, in this case, Wang’s behavior is a typical kleptomania symptoms similar and addiction disorder all, is also a kind of kleptomania addiction behavior. These patients usually have psychological barriers, often in a state of being unhappy, bored, depressed or even bored. Therefore, it is easy to have bad behavior or blunt.相关的主题文章: