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"The Mekong" so good because of bad too much? Chongqing windows — on the evening of 8 data show that the seven day of the national box office 1 billion 580 million yuan, of which, "action" on the Mekong River reputation at the box office 530 million yuan to become the National Archives: champion, "passing from your world" (hereinafter referred to as "the world") of about 463 million yuan, "grand track" about 271 million yuan. Compared with last year’s national archives, the box office this year to reduce 280 million yuan, down by up to 15.1%. In recent years, every national day, the film industry will usher in the box office blowout. But the national day total hutch Yan ", such as the 2009 National Day of the" Republic "wind", in 2014 the National Archives "" put heart flower road "dear", is hugely popular. Last year’s national day, "Hong Kong" and "Sherlock trouble" has become a burst, two box office were 1 billion 600 million and 1 billion 400 million, respectively. This year, the Mekong action alone to carry the box office reputation big Ding, there are bound to have occasional. If, as in previous years, the national archives, the explosion of the film has a reference system, the Mekong action, perhaps more objective reputation. However, the "national action" the Mekong River mouth overflowing, how many emotional factors? "The Mekong River action" of the subject matter involved in narcotics, this is a universal topic, in which is full of positive energy. But in the past the art genre has many breakthroughs, the actors how to make people forget, still need time to prove. It is worth noting that the high reputation of the box office, how much is the subject matter? Mekong action is good, but not as high as some media and fans touted. National Day, do not look at the circle of friends, a lot of people go to the sun, more people are still at home, watching people around the holidays, not to the cinema really sorry. That is to say that the National Day period all go viewing videos are required. "The Mekong" reputation is good, but also with time, especially the halo effect in many films under siege. Can you say so, "the Mekong" so good because too much bad. The film industry has a saying that the economic environment is poor, the movie will be more, because it is a higher cost of entertainment. This year, the domestic economic environment has not changed much, why movie cliff shrinking? Because of bad too much, and far beyond the tolerance range of the audience. Guo Jingming’s previous works of poor reputation, the total box office easily over two billion. Jing Wong, the king of Macao and also the one billion movie series label standard. The movie fans China conditions, spoiled lazy Guo Jingming. The more the better China box office reputation bad situation, let Guo Jingming in the end will be bad. Chinese often boast of demographic dividend. During the golden age of the film, shouting the total box office over the United States, it is by virtue of demographic dividend. Pleased with oneself in the mainland tourists where where economic prosperity, by virtue of the demographic dividend. The demographic dividend not bad movie production excuses, but the movie fans only in the demographic dividend to earn pours. In addition to the market, the most fundamental factor restricting the development of the film is the law of the film as a work of art. Some can make money, temporary works, but can not win. Small meat, fried topic)相关的主题文章: