The most beautiful old city, from the moment the train started

The most beautiful old city in the country, from the moment the train started – Sohu travel

Qingdao train station, is one of the most beautiful train station on the seaside, uniform style, and the old city of Qingdao red trees, blue sky. The moment the train was amazing by the old city of Qingdao.

along the coast, is the most ancient city of Qingdao, the roof is a bright red, the walls painted a light yellow, the city is a coastal city unique clean. If you come here in summer, the street car people, seaside beach is crowded. But it’s much cleaner in winter.

old city terrain is not smooth, high and low, along the steps up and down, the old house on the road is the most beautiful scenery.

the old city road narrow, crooked, disoriented, turn a look ahead is the seaside. If it is not in the winter, these small alleys can always see the wedding couple.

Ba Da Guan is the essence of the old city of Qingdao, is also one of the most beautiful city in the downtown area of a quiet place, located in different styles of small houses.

along the sea to build a wooden plank road, this section is the most beautiful landscape of Qingdao waterfront.

these old houses, mostly built in the last century in 30s, many of the old houses are private houses, not open to the outside world, known as the Museum of architecture.

winter leaves have fallen, which is typical of the northern winter, other seasons of the Ba Da Guan, always accompanied by green trees and red flowers.

there is no hustle and bustle of visitors, calm down Ba Da Guan is the most beautiful.