The parking ramp slip after the death of the drivers guilty of traffic crime by serving people ppbox

The parking ramp slip after death caused by the driver guilty of traffic crime collar criminal nanguojinbao Liuzhou news (reporter He Shujun correspondent     Xiong Liuqing; Xian Niwen) the driver Yang his van parked on a slope after the occurrence of slip disaster caused by the car down passers-by Agui, injuries and death. Yesterday, Liunan District Court informed the traffic accident case, Yang guilty of traffic crime was sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year. In February 18th this year, Yang will be his van parked in the Sun Village village, Baile Liunan District, a slope, unexpectedly later car along the slope slip, and the tail of the vehicle collision victim egui. Agui were injured after the hospital, after the hospital died. Identified by the traffic police department, Yang should take full responsibility, the public prosecutor Sui Yang guilty suspicion of traffic accident crime, the prosecution Liunan District Court of Liuzhou city. In the case of the trial process, Yang A Gui family to pay damages and damages related to the families of the understanding. Liunan District Court found that, when the accident occurred in this case, the driver Yang is not in the cab, the driver of the accident occurred due to negligence caused by Yang parking. Yang violation of traffic regulations, not in accordance with the norms to ensure the safety of parking, resulting in traffic accidents, resulting in one death, his behavior constituted the crime of causing traffic casualties, and make the above decision. The judge reminded the majority of drivers, driving on the way, to strictly abide by traffic regulations, eye view Quartet, ear eight, to ensure traffic safety; parking, parking place also should be carefully selected, standardized operation, avoid negligence causing unnecessary personal injury and property loss.相关的主题文章: