The pebble beach concours 2016 elegant sports results introduction – Auto

Introduction – Pebble Beach concours 2016 elegant sports results Sohu division level Pebble Beach race car elegant mainly according to the age, brands and models of classification, in addition to the permanent level, in order to increase the observability of events and rich competitors and have some memorial in the automotive industry left thick and heavy in colours brand or model, will set up a number of special brand and grade in every year, this year’s special level: – DELAHAYE: Delaye’s first car was born in France to celebrate the anniversary celebration of France – CHAPRON body: Xia Pronk body factory founder Henri Chapron (Henry Xia pulung?) – centenary birthday anniversary of BMW – Ford GT40 Le Mans victory 50 anniversary celebration – BIZZARRINI: Italy pizza minister Advani automobile company Giotto Bizzarrini (founder of Giotto’s birthday 90 pizza minister Advani?) LAMBORGHINI Miura: Lamborghini to celebrate the anniversary of the 50 anniversary of the birth of Murat models – 1930 to 1937 Indianapolis two seater car – BMW motorcycles in 2016 at all levels of the top three models – A-1 levels: Top antique car first: 1 Mercedes 70 HP Vanvooren Seven Passenger Touring second: Peugeot 1923 Bé bé BP1; Columbia Lamp Works third 1: Mercedes 50 HP – A-2 level: closed top antique car first: 1915 Pierce-Arrow 48 Coupe second Series 27 Clark Limited 1 Oldsmobile Carriage Limousine third Delaunay-Belleville La Carrosserie Industrielle Omnibus: 1912 – C-1 level: open top classic car first produced in the United States: 1931 Stutz DV-32 LeBaron Convertible Victoria second: Auburn 1932 12-160A third Speedster 1936 Pierce-Arrow 1602 Country Club Roadster: C-2 level: closed top American classic car first: 1937 Cadillac Series 90 Fleetwood Seven Passenger Imperial Cabriolet second: I 1936相关的主题文章: