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The secret how to tease sister: how to find a quiet and modest maiden? Anhui Channel – original title: "the ancient Liao Mei: how to find a quiet and modest maiden? Recently, "Liao Mei" become hot words, the love theme of film is a new technique of expression. No matter what the word meaning originates from where is commendatory or derogatory, now all understood as male to female affection, and is witty, humorous and witty to each other are good, of course, offered to send his thoughtfulness, and goodwill of the other. In fact, "Liao Mei" since ancient times, from the "Book of Songs" to "a dream of Red Mansions", not a lack of love story, in which the "Liao Mei" means the performance than some hot TV dramas are more sophisticated. "Book of Songs": get heart Yin and Zhou dynasties by hunting Zhangzi folk, more often than later more simple, more original, of course, in expressing feelings, more accessible, more hot, the hot point is naked Liao mei". Then about three thousand years ago, in the Chinese region, a small town or a forest in a small village, a woman just time to love to be, and qualified as jade". The woman walked to see a hunted deer, or deer, tied with white, are wondering, but found that the original is a handsome boy saw the beauty of her head with a prey to please her, "wild death?, Imperata package. The lure of "There is a girl in love. custard, a" trap ", live performance of" Liao Mei "modality. Next, there are specific details of "Liao Mei". "As beautiful as jade, no sense of me? Come, no? Also, barking" low-key ah, don’t let my skirt sound, especially don’t let my ahuang find and keeps barking. Although the show is women’s psychological activities and speech, but also reflects the "Liao Mei" the custard. The villagers tease Mei "prey" Gaofu handsome "is a concert" her sister". "A quiet and modest maiden, friends ofstringed instruments", "a quiet and modest maiden, bell drum, music tease Mei, this is what song is to sing, tailored. If the face of "white", you also throw a knot tied with a deer, it is the opposite of the other people’s home flocks and herds of cattle, the root is not rare thing. Prey or music worth mentioning, this is visible, however, some active behavior, "Liao Mei" master, was still silent, intangible tangible wins. Then somewhere in Zheng Guo, a woman’s boyfriend suddenly ignored her, or the woman saw the guy pretending to be aloof, don’t talk to her, the woman said bitterly: bad boy, bad boy, how do you deliberately ignored me. Bad boy, bad boy, why don’t you eat dinner with me?. "He Jiao Tong Xi, Xi said" and I, "he Jiao Tong Xi, Xi and I do not eat". Look at the girl anxious, from the negative side of the man, is deliberately indifferent attitude, inspire the girl to his feelings, it is estimated that two people to further sublimation of a bottleneck state. Of course, for the song "Zheng Feng Jiao Tong"? There are different understanding, some people think that the king’s ministers complain, but the poem shows)相关的主题文章: