The song and Yuan Dynasties emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties four generations of Emperors tas-sexhu

The song and Yuan Dynasties emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties four generations of Emperors "taste" – Beijing, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, founded in 1996, is one of North America’s most important to show the Asian civilization as the theme of the museum. 2016, to celebrate the fifty anniversary of the establishment of the Asian Art Museum, specifically cooperation and the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei, held a grand exhibition, called "imperial taste", specially selected ancient imperial collection exhibition, in order to China ancient palace art style real introduction to American audiences. This exhibition is Taipei the Imperial Palace history sixth large-scale exhibition a total of 166 in the United States, jade, bronze ware, ceramic components, paintings and other cultural relics across the ocean, which is a great event in the cultural circle. The exhibition opened on June 17th, September 18th has just ended, lasted for three months, but this is to visit Asian Art Museum of San Francisco during the author, deeply feel the ancient culture China exquisite luxury, a worthwhile trip. As everyone knows, seven hundred thousand collections of the the Imperial Palace in Taipei, there are 90% more than five year old Qing left Tibet, so Taipei the Imperial Palace exhibition, behoove on behalf of the imperial collection grade. But this special exhibition or different, it is the eight emperor and a queen as the main line, to show the Ming and Qing emperors taste four. The first 1 star grade exhibition emperor of Song Dynasty, is a civil martial arts heyday, very bad luck Emperor Huizong (1082 -1135). Chinese all kings, add up to nearly more than and 800 people, one of the highest skill of painting and calligraphy, art appreciation is the most refined, non song. Northern Song Dynasty, scholar of calligraphy "in Su Cai four, millet" on Fan Kuan, Guo Xi, Cui painting white giant Song Huizong and the emperor, in the artistic achievement can be even better than these people racing together bridle to bridle, and, is commendable. The first important exhibits of the exhibition, is the "rocks" Yubi Huizong poems post. The whole poem calligraphy styles shoujincharacter written, rugged brushwork elegant, this is after Song Huizong Huang Tingjian calls for a font font independent, self created, can reflect the presence of Song Huizong. Song Huizong has a special hobby on the rocks, which comes from his Chongxin taoism. In 1113, Song Huizong claimed to receive the dream, become fanatical followers of Taoism, later known as the "emperor Tao jun". Taoism advocates rocks, Song Huizong is believed to have supernatural power in Panlong rock formations, strange rocks around, because he can help themselves. Song Huizong on the rocks for up to twenty years, known as the "flower stone Gang", and opened Chinese ancient rocks appreciation culture. This "rocks" poetry for Song Huizong, true performance grade, and historical echoes, is indeed a rare treasure. Song Huizong is one of the artistic achievements of innovation, but also a retro. After the Northern Song Dynasty, through the ancient prose movement both ruling and opposition parties, based on China ancient classics, and strive to return to the Xia and Shang Dynasties. Wednesday in culture. The Shang and Zhou Dynasties culture, in addition to the classic text books on left, is the most important archaeological bronze.相关的主题文章: