The summit brings a bonus effect of the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday Hangzhou tourism and

The summit brings bonus effect of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday Hangzhou tourism and catering are the fire (map) with regression of strong typhoon "Meranti", Hangzhou rain also decreased, while the passenger is around the rapid influx of Hangzhou, West Lake tourists surge. Reporter Li Zhong photo (reporter Ke Jing Zhang Yali) after the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, many tourists come here. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the city tourism and catering market is very popular wang. Typhoon "Meranti" during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Hangzhou to bring the wind and rain, with the typhoon, rain ceased, Hangzhou tourism market again unpopular. West Lake scenic traffic peak in the second day holiday, and Qianjiang Hangzhou as the new "red" tour attractions, visitors yesterday a few days ago is still a slight growth. It is reported that foreign tourists in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui, and the province tourists from Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Wenzhou. The mid autumn day asking the month "provisions of action" due to the typhoon and fall, Hangzhou major scenic tourist flow and compared to the weekend, also slightly calm. With the holiday of second days of rainfall decrease along the West Lake tourists peak, bridge, Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, hill, Lingyin Temple, and Orioles Singing in the Willows pagoda main scenic passenger traffic growth significantly, people such as weaving until yesterday afternoon, but in good order. As of 5 pm yesterday, the pagoda scenic spot during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists received a total of more than 50 thousand passengers, tourists did not appear congestion. Yesterday afternoon, the West Lake scenic area and Hangzhou south of Xianghu, the Oriental Culture Park attractions, tourists showed a downward trend, Hangzhou tourists continue to return. But the Qianjiang new passenger is unusual, chase come with "water, light and shadow" theme of tourists unabated. By sunny autumn, Hangzhou local and foreign passenger passenger flow convergence, watch the light show and music fountain in a continuous line of tourists. It is understood that Hangzhou will be launched in the near future a series of normalization of the summit products, specific itinerary, line arrangement has been in the study, to be determined after the program, the first time to announce and to the market. Yesterday, the reporter also visited the city a number of old restaurants and popular restaurant, every business is very hot. "To the lake at 3 this afternoon, the door there are more than and 60 tables in the queue, the business is too hot." Lakeside shop in the old man burst shrimp oil, Shanghai tourists and small bell family was originally thought to stroll around West Lake, to avoid the peak hours of another meal, did not think the lakeside area restaurant business is so good. "These days, the four floor of the banquet hall is full, the wedding, the individual is bursting." Hangzhou Hubin branch relevant responsible person said. Hangzhou Hubin headquarters window except in Roasted Goose, Sheng cake and other traditional snacks, freshly baked cakes also attract a lot of "chowhound" early adopters. Foreign tourists prefer the traditional Hangzhou delicacy, Steamed Grass Carp in Vinegar Gravy, Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves popular, such as dumplings taste authentic Hangzhou snacks a day to sell 6000 cage. The major shopping center of Hangzhou catering shops are also very popular, some of the popular Hong Kong style tea restaurants, shops, restaurants, Hot pot on the grill, when the peak of a meal is hard to find.相关的主题文章: