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The Taiwan authorities held a nuclear disaster food transport Taiwan hearing people accounted for the podium – the scene out of control Beijing members of people rushed to the podium, scenes of the outbreak of violent conflict. (source: Taiwan when the electronic newspaper China) Taiwan news network November 13th Taiwan authorities "Council of agriculture" unit 13 in Taoyuan held Japanese food transport station public hearing, the scene out of control. A large number of people and the host of violent conflict broke out, not only to rush on the podium also tore up the hearing posters, almost was torn down, the former Taoyuan county magistrate, the incumbent legislator Wu Zhiyang and Taoyuan city councilman Wan Meiling and Liang Weichao, Shu Cuiling and others have attended a protest, shouting "do not accept illegal public hearing". According to the Taiwan Times reported that Wu Zhiyang stressed that should be in the Legislative Yuan to do a hearing, should not be like this in the city and county to do a hearing, does not meet the administrative procedures. Wan Meiling also shouted, this is not a public hearing is to deceive the people in. Shu Cuiling angrily what food is not to eat Japanese can not even know the radiation concerns, the health of the people is still used to do endorsements, hearing request flow will be announced. St. Cui Meiying once talked excitedly in tears, stressed that he is a mother of 3 children, "Taiwan own food food safety problems are not good, what the pipe to the foreign site, excited people also hold high the" radiation refuse food "," down with Cai Yingwen "and" green power to sell Taiwan "sign board, will prevent the hearing of the projector over, Wan Meiling also rushed to tear up the posters, the scene was mixed, many people rushed to the podium to snatch the platform through the microphone, and push the outbreak of severe physical conflict, chairman of Taiwan had a narrow down, a large number of people shouting" meeting "and" fraud ", the scene altogether out of control. According to reports, the "Administrative Institute of food safety office" Joint Council of agriculture, Ministry of health and welfare "," Ministry of economy "and" the meeting "held in Taiwan 10 Japanese food transport station public hearing, following Chiayi, Tainan, Yunlin, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan city is fifth, 10 in 3 days held in complete. (Taiwan, China Network Zhu Lian) protesters angry refers to the venue chairman. (source: Taiwan when the electronic newspaper) Taiwan people holding torn poster materials. (photo: Taiwan China Times newspaper) Taiwan people with a protest board to cover the projector. (photo: Taiwan Times News) members of the public and members of the protest placards. (source: Taiwan Zhong Shi Bao)相关的主题文章: