The warm-up match – Luneng team U12 3-2 academy Liqin Pohang iron and steel U12-ca1290

The warm-up match – Luneng team U12 3-2 academy Liqin Pohang iron and steel U12 U12 beat South Korea Pohang Luneng foot school source: Luneng youth from November 14th to 18, South Korea young Youth Soccer League delegation of the Pohang iron and steel in the U12 U12 team and nine team Shandong Luneng Taishan football school competitions. The exchange game, is in Shandong Luneng Taishan football school and South Korea Youth Football League signed on the basis of the exchange agreement. In July this year, Shandong Luneng football school U12 team visited South Korea, and participated in the Korean Youth Football League organized by the big crab cup children’s football tournament, held in Taishan. The young Korean Junior Football League to exchange school game, Luneng academy organization attended by the school team U12, Luneng Luneng foot school U11 team, U12 team, Pohang iron and steel nine in South Korea U12 team tournament. In the first round in November 15th. Luneng foot school U12 team 3:2 victory over Pohang Steelers team U12. In the game, the South Korean team superb personal skills, good physical quality, fast ball transfer, impressed the viewers. In comparison, our players, there is still much room for improvement in personal technology. Over the years, the South Korean football in the intercontinental arena to achieve excellent results, naturally based on its youth training. In the 2016 season AFC Champions League League group phase second round of the Hong Kong Shanghai beat South Korea 2:1 Samsung Bluewings, Samsung Bluewings in all Korean classes for. Placed in the moment, the red hot super club, which is not imagined things can not be done. The visiting team from Pohang iron and steel U12 Guopu Han iron hole primary school, the famous Korean striker Li Tongguo from Pu iron hole in primary school. Pohang iron U12 team coach Pei said in an interview, we are the champions of the Korean U12 age group. Luneng team U12 Academy in South Korea the same age probably ranked in the middle and upper levels, Luneng players physical condition is very good, but the personal technology also needs to be more perfect. South Korea U12 team is generally a small game 11 game, the venue size is 80m× 50m, half a minute for 25 minutes. Our team today is the first time to play 11 man big game, and was the first played the full 70 minutes, the players feel very tired. We are the smallest age group of Pohang iron and steel, and then up is the U15 team, U18 team and professional team. At ordinary times, my players and South Korea are no difference between the primary and secondary school students, they are the use of school hours and holidays to football training. In Korea, the U12 age of the main training team members of personal technology, to the U15, U18 age is more emphasis on training team technology and overall tactics. Now, South Korea’s youth selection competition is very intense, a lot of clubs. Even big clubs such as Pohang iron and steel are facing fierce competition for talent. Half of the team’s children are from Pohang, and half from other parts of South korea." Luneng foot school U12 team coach Zhang Tao said, "Pohang iron and steel U12 team is a very good team. In July this year, we invited the big crab cup in korea"相关的主题文章: