The world’s most difficult to conquer the mountain, the death of the world’s first

is the name of this mountain is called K2, is located in the Kunlun mountains, is the world’s second high peaks. Although the height is not as good as Mount Qomolangma, but on the difficulty of climbing, the world famous, has always been the hearts of mountain climbers in the barbaric peak. The death rate has been more than 30%, the first of all the world’s peaks.

this mountain at the junction of China and Pakistan, although it has been considered one of the world’s most difficult to climb the mountain, but continued to have many mountaineering masters to climb the mountain, but all in the summer to climb up the mountain, because the winter is like a beast, so far no one in the winter to conquer.

is difficult to climb not only because of the mountain up to more than 8 thousand and 600 meters, but the peak vertical height of up to nearly four thousand and seven hundred meters, eight thousand meters above the mountain in the world, the highest mountain, coupled with an average slope of 45 degrees in a variety of ice broken, ice crack and avalanches. This mountain is threatened by growing crises.

data show that the peak mortality rate is 1 compared to 7, while the Mount Everest is only 1 to 29, in a place close to the mountain, there is a most difficult way, the slope of nearly 80 degrees, and there is a lot of ice wall, easily ice avalanche may collapse, so a lot of hard climbing who have died in this most difficult place.

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