This is China into a new Divine Comedy — entertainment channel, actv

"This is China" into a new Divine Comedy — entertainment channel — original title: "this is a new Chinese" Divine Comedy "this is China" MV screenshots of the Yangcheng Evening News reporter He Jing recently, 90 rap group "Tianfu incident" creation of a new generation of This is China ("the Divine Comedy" this is Chinese) explosion red network, not only attracted China hot friends, attracted more BBC, "Time", "the guardian" many foreign media reports. This music group was born in October 1st last year, has just one year old, the combination has been renamed "Tianfu music". In September 30th, Hunan TV’s "every day" program, "Tianfu music" also came on the show, with their song explosion scene. In June 28th this year, a band called "This is China" MV published in "the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League" WeChat public headlines and micro-blog, the MV in rap form, about 90 of the young people China what. As is known to all, China is a developing country. She has a large population, it is very difficult to manage. After World War II, China rebuilt their homes on the ruins." In addition to distinctive rap genre, the length of 4 minutes and 9 seconds in the MV, the Creator into the Sichuan opera face, Tiananmen, panda, calligraphy, guzheng China elements. It is reported that the main MV is Chengdu local independent rap band — the "Tianfu incident", composed by Wang Zixin, Li Yijie, Tan Junwen, Luo Jinhui four 90. At present, the band has been renamed "Tianfu music". About the video on the Internet became popular, the creative staff said: "now the foreign friends are very concerned about the development of Chinese, more positive propaganda media, but there is few new media works. We made this video clip, is to tell the outside world a real china. At the same time, I hope that China’s young people more united, in front of the road do not forget the early heart." "This is China" has been widely acclaimed, the netizen @ for 123 "view, its theme and content are points:" through the works we can see the "90" creators full of positive energy and a deep sense of patriotism. I think, only love from the heart of the country, in order to convey the sincerity of the works, thus moving people." Netizen @ Chiba zero "said:" English works using rap way mainstream publicity, not only in the form of novel and distinctive creative, also clever use of the advantages of the new media communication platform, will transfer the patriotism to the vast number of users of the heart." (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: