This mask sold 45 a piece, even the water, the woman’s money is very good –

This mask sold 45 piece, it is nice to earn money, woman – Skincare Pro Kiki Sohu adorable only water composition is really worth buying? Lazy people can slide to look at the answer at the end of the paper to Sheet Mask ~ heard Avene, September 1st will be listed, the market price of ¥ 228 boxes containing mask 5 pieces. Kiki heard the news quite expect, after all, immediately to the change of season, the skin will become a little sensitive. But! Beauty experts can two days ago sent a micro-blog — this is the praise…… Do you? However, I carefully looked at the component, then forced the ignorant. Adjust the pH value of triethanolamine as cosmetics to use. Sodium chloride is salt, mainly in the cosmetics viscosity control agent and PH regulator. Poloxamer 188 as emulsifier and surfactant. Acrylic acid (ester) – C10-30 – alkyl acrylate crosslinked polymer as emulsion stabilizer, film forming agent, thickener. Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate is a small molecule wetting agent, used as a humectant in cosmetics. Benzyl alcohol is a flavor. The top three are water, triethanolamine, sodium chloride. In other words, this mask is basically water and PH regulator. No wonder everyone will say that, although the use of sensitive muscles, ingredients can not be too complicated. But! So the official price of 228 yuan element of 5 pieces. This price, it is faster to catch up with her ex boyfriend mask! This money is also good to earn. Say, 228 yuan can use Nongfushangquan rub a shower! This is only a face. Five yuan a piece of words, I can also consider. And look at the rest of the family. Avene comfort spring spray! This is a complete list of ingredients! In fact, most of the spray brands are just water, but slightly different water quality components. La Roche Posay soothing conditioning spray Vichy Runquan soothing soothing mist spray according to the British "sun" reported that many brands on the market the make-up water is just water composition. But some of the product price is a few times more expensive than gasoline, the 4 well-known brands of make-up water was named. Moreover, its role is only to soothe and calm the skin, sensitive skin with a very hi Sen. The sun, the air conditioning fresh cool there. It is very good to do with the non-woven mask to do wet dressing. But do not count on it to pay, they are soothing. There have been a lot of media coverage before, moisturizing spray can only stand 5 minutes. 5 minutes later, the spray will evaporate, moisture is difficult to keep on the skin. Some people spray moisturizing spray, waiting for the face naturally absorbed, but will feel more and more dry. Kiki said daily price is not high. Three important things to say! Non sensitive skin is not recommended! Non sensitive skin does not push!相关的主题文章: