Three Gorges reservoir to start ninth times the pilot storage of water flow into the flow of 175 – C diqua

The Three Gorges Reservoir 175 meters ninth times to start pilot water inflow rose — Chinese central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, original title: Three Gorges Reservoir 175 meters ninth times to start pilot water inflow rose on 10 September, Xinhua Yichang (reporter Tan Yuanbin) according to the state headquarters approval, the Three Gorges Reservoir on the morning of 10 officially launched ninth pilot water 175 meters. Hydrological information released by the China Three Gorges Corporation, 10 am, Three Gorges Reservoir Inflow gradually rose to 14, reaching 15200 cubic meters per second. 10, 14, the Three Gorges Dam on the water level of 146.26 meters, compared with the 9 day of 14 rose by 0.56 meters. According to the national headquarters in August 30th issued "on the trial impounding of Three Gorges Reservoir in 2016 approved" implementation plan requirements, this year’s test of water storage in Three Gorges reservoir water level can be played in real time to undertake preliminary operation level, September 30th water level 162 meters according to the principle of control, the end of October or November for storage to 175 meters. The water level control in each stage according to the specific downstream and real-time hydrological information forecasting, flood control and drought situation, the upstream reservoir and the downtown area of Chongqing city river sediment approval to make appropriate adjustments. In order to ensure that during the impounding of the Three Gorges river navigation safety, the Yangtze River Three Gorges navigation administration plan, the annual water NOTAM issued in advance, strengthen the Three Gorges Dam and the dam between the two key waters navigation safety management. In September, the Three Gorges shiplock allows lockage maximum draft at 4.3 meters (4.2 meters according to ship dangerous goods control). The Three Gorges cascade dispatching communication center relevant responsible person said, will pay close attention to the situation of the Yangtze River Basin Hydrological meteorological and upstream reservoir impoundment plan, make full use of automatic forecasting system and the three Quartet visual consultation system, strengthen the monitoring and forecast of the upstream water, reasonable arrangements for the progress of the Three Gorges reservoir, priority protection in this year, the smooth realization of water targets at the same time, to achieve efficient use of water resources. The Three Gorges Reservoir in 2008 started pilot water 175 meters, then build to 172.8 meters to 171.43 meters in 2009; storage; from 2010 to 2015 for six consecutive years to achieve the target of water 175 meters. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: