Tianjin safety inspection notice 6 projects suspended construction candy boy

Tianjin production safety inspection Bulletin: 6 projects suspended from the Tianjin Municipal Construction Committee was informed that the City Quality Supervision Corps recently informed the summer construction safety inspections. The inspection of the project a total of 36, a total of 2314 checkpoints, the issue of inspection issued order rectification notice shall be issued in the form of a total of 25, suspend construction notice of the 6, put forward rectification opinions of the 338. According to the Municipal Quality Supervision Corps staff, inspection results show that most of the construction unit of production safety awareness is higher than that in the past, but there are still some common problems in safety management and food safety management. The criticism of 6 items: green garden two projects, Liang Chen Xinyuan publicbuildings and public construction project two, the two phase of the project, Ru rhyme in No. 1 building three new park, Tianhui center project, the courier in North China headquarters base project. Inspection found that these projects are informed of scaffolding pull nodes is insufficient, the temporary use of electricity does not meet the "three level distribution, two level protection, leakage protection, mechanical equipment failure safety limit failure, site canteen staff health certificate expired and other security management issues. The next step, the city and district construction engineering quality and safety supervision agencies will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, implementation of the system, the management is not in place, the non-compliance of the project, found to be corrected immediately, on suspicion of illegal behavior, investigated and dealt with by the supervision departments in accordance with the law, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.相关的主题文章: