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Software Are you in the transportation business, looking to revamp your business operations? You can begin with an upgrade of the existing trucking software to ITS Dispatch. This software has been specifically designed for freight brokers and trucking owners by ITS Canada, a trucking business firm. ITS Dispatch is a complete web based trucking and freight broker software package. Most trucking businesses continue to use the highly expensive server based systems. But you no more need to shell out so much money because ITS dispatch gives you more benefits at a fraction of the cost. The web based systems previously developed did not possess all the required features and functions. This trucking software fully succeeds on both aspects. It is highly convenient to use, cost effective and addresses all day-to-day issues of a trucking business. No upfront costs or annual subscriptions, you simply have to pay a nominal monthly fee for all the amazing services. This package incorporates three kinds of tools dispatching, accounting and reporting tools. The dispatching tools create a dispatch board that allows you to view all the active loads and manage them effectively. You can create loads in advance, thus giving the drivers ample time to prepare themselves. There is an easy provision to duplicate the load entries which helps save time too. The accounting tools allow the imposition of credit limits on each of the customers. It is fairly simple to arrive at an integrated payroll for each driver based on the miles, per hour or percent. You can also easily print invoices or export invoice data into quick books. A trucking operator can view detailed reports from drivers, carriers or customers on a real time platform, with the help of reporting tools. Furthermore, you can get broker or carrier statistics in the form of bar graphs based on volume, gross revenue, miles or percentage. With such brilliant features and minimal expenses, it is clearly evident why ITS dispatch has gained such popularity in no time. Both trucking operators and freight brokers have praised the software for its effectiveness in simplifying operations. On April 1st 2010, the ITS-IFTA version of the package was introduced in the market. It incorporates IFTA fuel tax software into the erstwhile ITS dispatch package. But the IFTA fuel tax software can also be purchased separately, if required. It also acts as a web based program that serves the purpose of filling out the IFTA form and file the fuel tax return. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: