To take the final victory for the national security Yu Dabao suspended Xie Feng

To take the final victory for the national security Yu Dabao suspended Xie Feng a cold wave struck, Guoan on yesterday Caichang heating tonight, Beijing Guoan will usher in the 2016 season, ending the war in the body. This Guoan ups and downs, is not smooth, but in the end a home court against Henan Jianye, the team hopes for a victory for the end of this season drew. The club has released before the war poster, "Chixinbugai tribute – the most lovable people". The last match for the final victory of the season Guoan Guoan for the Super League, tonight will be staged in the stadium. This season, the national security from looking for new partners, to change the name, and then to increase investment and cooperation rupture; from another way, to coach to resign, the league start remained in the relegation zone. Another year, Guoan missed the next season, AFC Champions League missed the league championship, missed the FA Cup champion. The first 29 games of the season, the national security team of 10 wins, 10 draws and 9 negative product of 40 points, ranking the league’s top fifth. Although the ranking looks good, but the points and the top of the Guangzhou Hengda has a huge gap of 21 points. Not only that, proud of the devil home court also lost power, the security of the season home court record of 6 wins 3 flat 5 negative, only ranked in the super twelfth. Although there are a lot of bad, but still want to win a national security victory in the 2016 season. The club also released before the war poster, "Chixinbugai tribute – the most lovable people". The club also borrow this year last year thanks to the poster support GUOAN FANS regardless of the weather. Tonight, the fans will also have a special ceremony to bid farewell to the season. The National Security Council and Henan Jianye, the two teams were wuyuwuqiu. The two teams in the previous record of the 10 meetings, the national security achieved 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses, a slight advantage. National security coach team leader Xie Feng hopes the team to play the first two mental outlook, technical and tactical level, win the game, for the fans to dedicate a wonderful game. The friend Dabao suspended Xie Feng had a headache last night temperature is very low, national security players are wearing winter training equipment. Although the weather is cold, but it looks like the players in good mood, laughter constantly. In a lap, the failure of Zhang Chiming by his teammates punishment. The coach just blew the whistle collection, which will take the opportunity to slip away, but ultimately did not escape the containment team. During the training, the club also came to the top, to communicate with Xie feng. For the last game, the club attaches great importance to. Before the game, Xie Feng has been reminded the players, Jia Xiuquan led guidance very strongly, so he would have been in preparation for the team and stressed the need to play the momentum of home court. In this game, Yu Dabao, Zhou Ting two players accumulated yellow card suspension. Xie Feng bluntly, Yu Dabao is suspended for a headache problem. And last week, Zhang was not fit to play. Xie Feng said, Zhang Xizhe also want to look at the situation of training and treatment last night, and finally decide whether he is the first. But the squad is good and bad, playing the injured Yilmaz appear on the training ground yesterday, or the game will be in the squad. Yesterday, Xie Feng attended the press conference of young Du Mingyang. In the first two games, Du Mingyang played well, has also been a bright相关的主题文章: