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Too much money? After reading, you will also oppose the holiday high speed free! Sohu – car whenever holiday travel, the most troublesome is the high-speed traffic jam, personal sorrow and joy is really miserable. Although the authorities have come up with a variety of ways to improve, including a few years ago, the implementation of the policy of free holidays, but the effect? Oh, I believe we are all to see. The holiday free policy seems to be a big welfare, even if it is just 20 days of free holidays, this period of time is no less than the normal high speed traffic pressure. In other words, the current holiday free access policy should not be canceled? Saying this, presumably a lot of friends will not understand, not urgent, to listen to the professor is how to think. Talking about the reasons for congestion, we will think of the first car. Indeed, China cars have rank among the best in the world, the most intuitive is to look at the sales data of each month, almost all of the net growth of uniform, which leads to the daily morning and evening peak will appear on time of congestion, let alone the highway free. You know, the domestic high-speed toll has been Chinese people as "high standards", some high-speed units carrying death "to loan" as an excuse, to continue to collect relevant fees from the car. As a result, many of the owners of the limited economy in order to save a sum of money, the possibility of daily travel is reduced. Turn on time and abundance and free holidays, even knowing that the high-speed block fast enough, but you do not doomed to suffer, not to bring free for all "cheap", and with this travel mentality, is helpless and It’s only human. in short, high-speed road holidays, if not blocked, it is odd. In addition, the vehicle is too concentrated will bring many unexpected circumstances, a holiday traffic is bound to increase the probability of the accident, but once an accident occurs, the rear of the vehicle will be such as the Domino effect, to make a quick stop, change lanes, etc. stopper clogging behavior, leading to the original long-distance free highways have been living down, even simply motionless. Unreasonable highway design is also an important factor causing serious congestion. For example, intensive highway toll gate, both days or holidays, often is the most crowded near the slowest toll gate road, this is because the left vehicle must slow down, and the need to queue through the toll gate, coupled with the huge traffic on holidays, often need to avoid the rear of the vehicle and vehicle export. To select a temporary change, thus, is undoubtedly on add. In fact, there are both subjective and objective reasons for the congestion of holidays. The so-called holiday free travel, and whether it is positive than negative? Therefore, Professor, and a symbolic holiday free, rather than another way, but also conducive to the public! For example, on weekdays will be the toll highway can not charge or not, making early and late peak charging policy, do not charge the rest of the time. At the same time there will be very few holidays changed to charging mode, in order to divert too concentrated holidays.相关的主题文章: