Tram pigtail suddenly fell into private cars-tsumori chisato

Tram pigtail suddenly fall off into the car yesterday afternoon, Hangzhou a 155 bus, ready to put down the "braid" off, a braided drive "" braid "on the left side of the fault suddenly dropped, a rolling into the side of the car just after a white car. This is the 2013 155 road back to Hangzhou, the first time such an accident. "Braid" directly in front glass driver back to avoid a robbery yesterday about 2:40 in the afternoon, a bus from the station to the city of harmony Village Station train station 155 bus traveling from north to south in the Moganshan Road, as usual, when the vehicle is parked in the station when the driver hit the bridge, ready to "put down the braids", "running in the next sections and braid". But never thought that the accident happened. The tram pigtail in "lay down" process, due to failure, a "braid" on the left side of the slide, right side trams have a white car after, "braid" head into the car windshield. Mark of fire squadron rushed to the scene after the alarm. Firefighters involved in the rescue, rushed to the scene when the tram pigtail Xiecha in the white car on the front windshield, the glass smashed into a spider, the driver’s seat has been sent to the second hospital of Zhejiang 120. They forced to poke into the car in the "pigtail" dial. Witnesses said the moment was "braid" in the windshield, the driver sways back, to avoid the tragedy, but the driver of the neck and shoulders or hurt. This is the 155 road back to Hangzhou for the first time after the occurrence of similar accidents was sent to the hospital car driver surnamed Zheng, 53 years old. In the hospital, Mr. Zheng’s black coat from the right shoulder to the arm was torn, with a bruise on the right side of the neck. Recall a moment at the time, Mr Cheng almost thought he died still suffering from the shock. He said, "Luckily I dodged in time, head to the left up, or to hit the head on the neck, but too late to hide here, until it is smashed into the shoulder." At that time, Mr. Zheng is going to a hospital visit home for the elderly. After the accident, the staff of the Hangzhou tram company immediately rushed to the scene, and the whole process to accompany mr.. After the hospital to inspect Mr. Zheng’s injury to soft tissue contusion, no serious. According to the Youth Times reported: around half past three in the afternoon, when the Times reporter rushed to the hospital, Mr. Zheng was unable to sit in the emergency room outside of the chair, a hand bandaged with the shoulder, the other hand holding records. The body of a black Tangzhuang overcoat from the shoulder to the arm is torn, his frail told reporters: "I have no strength, at the time that they could not live." At that time, Mr. Zheng is going to a hospital to visit the elderly. Did not expect to encounter the unexpected trouble. Zheng waiting to check within five minutes, received a total of three calls. "I hide quickly, but the neck too late to hide here, until the shoulders were smashed to here! Now more and more pain in the shoulders, and feel swollen more and more!" Mr. Zheng spoke with his friends on the phone. All along, Mr. Zheng’s face very painful, opened his clothes to see him on the shoulder, a piece of red and black, close to the chest.相关的主题文章: