Travel, love and marriage is an aphrodisiac

is not in love for a long time,

passion retreat?

is not a lot of marriage experience,

love is lost?

if so,

"sex" is a preservative for love and marriage,

the "travel" is absolutely the fastest and most enduring aphrodisiac.

10 visa landing destination travel destination, re ignite passion!


life will go to the original Eden

deep sea, beautiful coral reefs, bright sunshine, stretches of sand, dense virgin forest, is waiting for Chinese tourists to explore a "original Eden" trip.


in Mauritius, you can lie on the beach grass roof under the arbor feel the sun kissed skin;


can also wear light diving equipment, deep seabed and fish riotous with colour play;


can also choose to walk on nature, shuttle in the beautiful scenery of tropical rain forest;


visa: from the date of entry to the date of departure, the cumulative stay no more than 30 days, visa free.


one of the world’s ten honeymoon resort

due to the 180 degree line running through them, known as the "crossroads of the South Pacific fiji". Fiji is also known as one of the world’s ten honeymoon resort, one of the world’s top ten beautiful beaches".


cool sea breeze blowing into the towering cloud of coconut trees, tropical trees on the island green trees, white sand beaches, colorful fish will get the water full of tropical oceans a riot of colours, primitive beauty.


Fiji attract many tourists self exile, enjoy nature on the beach, soaking water, enjoy the sunset, forget the pressure of work, to find peace of mind.



visa: Fiji visa to China, as long as you can get ready to enter the following items: 4 months of valid passports, valid return tickets, travel arrangements during fiji.