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· of Anhui province


recommended reason: antiquity, surviving the archaic

address: , Anhui, Jingxian County,


province village of existing architecture in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty architecture 109. Surrounded by green hills, tree lined, three rivers through the village (Xu Xi, Shi Xi, Cenxi), the three towers to match the four. The ancient residence of ancient building groups of row upon row of.

residence is mainly affected by the cha Chi ancient Huizhou architecture, Northern Jiangsu and Zhejiang temples and gardens, through long-term integration formed their own style. She came from more than one thousand years ago, but also to preserve the original plain. There are many art lovers here sketching pitch camp ~

village has a super popular Wang tofu small mill, almost every day in Stinky tofu, fried tofu and tofu are not authentic. Tofu is also done here, in addition to eating can also look at the traditional crafts.

Anhui · Huizhou state

recommended reason: authentic emblem culture

address: , Anhui, Tunxi,


emblem carving ruin: stone brick, wood carving. If fenqiangdaiwa keep your eyes, then hide the emblem carving art in the wall under the lock your heart.

here you can visit a wood carving "master", slowly understand the Huizhou wood carving and wood carving process. Personally experience the woodcut version! You can also experience with dragon and other traditional items.

Anhui ·

recommended reason: simple

, row upon row of spectacular buildings

address : Anhui, Shexian Zhen Zhen

this is a mountain and built the small copycat, due to the high elevation, traffic inconvenience, for hundreds of years, living materials, mining around the bluestone paved the way, take the red wood nest.

the sunrise and sunset, drink spring, hungry eat grains, time, form, row upon row of well-proportioned,;