Trump and cut a knife Obama; oil and gas industry overseas anti-corruption regulations were abolishe


house of representatives in the United States on February 1st local time passed a resolution to repeal an oil and gas industry has not yet entered into the anti-corruption regulations. After the relaxation, Mobil, Chevron and other oil giants Exxon will not disclose resources trading in the world to a foreign government delivery amount, so it can save large expenditure, at the same time to be able to continue operation in other countries.

this is Trump became president of the United States, in a clear message from energy and environmental policy changes after the new energy industry ushered in the most favorable, is also essential to Trump Obama before the government regulations of the latest "a knife".


of this provision by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2012 proposed the requirements listed on an American stock exchange oil and mineral company must disclose access to resources in other countries to the local government payments. This provision covers the U.S. oil giant and Shell, BP (BP) and other foreign oil companies.

SEC on June 2016 released the provisions of the original plan to take effect in 2018. This provision has been a hot topic of debate between oil and gas industry groups and industry watchdog groups for years. During the inauguration of the new U. S. Secretary of state Tillerson served in the Mobil Exxon had long run cries for.

supporters of the rule believe that this is an urgent need to eliminate corruption, especially in Nigeria, Venezuela and other resource dependent countries. Supervision organization: Global Witness (Global Witness) senior legal advisor to Milin (Zorka Milin) said: "this is historically famous for corruption in the industry, is indeed a key anti-corruption clause".

but critics of the oil and mining industry argue that such regulation is ineffective and counterproductive. The American Chamber of Commerce Kit (Christopher Guith) said, "the biggest problem is that it may lead to unexpected consequences are very bad, the rules had to force companies to disclose trade secrets and bid estimates, will make use of competitors". He also believes that the rules of the SEC Western companies in the competition with less transparent competitors at a disadvantage.

industry group also pointed out that the implementation of the provisions of the cost is too expensive. The SEC estimates that the industry must spend $239 million to $700 million to comply with the rules and then spend $9 million 100 thousand to $591 million a year.

today, the United States House of Representatives voted to repeal this provision, the oil industry applauded.

Trump in the election, had promised to untie the "75%" regulations, to strengthen the growth of American companies to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. He signed an executive order on January 30th, requiring that a new law should be introduced to cancel the two old regulations.

Trump administration to take a more fossil fuel oriented;