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The Turkey army launched "in Syria border deployment type WS-1 Turkey TR-300 Chinese copycat rocket rocket of German business news" quoted the Turkey February 21st "national news" reported that Turkey has been to the border area to deploy TR-300 and TR-122 type of rocket launcher. Among them, the TR-300 model is modeled on China’s WS-1 type Turkey homemade rocket launcher, which has a range of 100 kilometers. And TR-122 has a range of 40 kilometers. The rocket system is deployed in Hatay province of Turkey, and its range can cover Syria, Aleppo province. Reported that the Middle East issue a "Financial Times" analyst Lester said that Turkey should not be without the consent of the consent of the United States invasion of Syria: "the situation in Syria has been out of control, may change to the war in northern Syria." The real consideration of the deployment of rockets in Turkey is to make Russia weigh the cost of the conflict. But I’m afraid it’s hard to say whether it works." A senior Western diplomat said. On Friday, Saudi Arabia said they were willing to provide air defense missiles to some militia groups. This may pose a threat to the Russian air force that is attacking IS. Moscow also responded: Russian army deployed fighter jets to Armenia air force base, the base is only 40 km from the Turkey border. Russia’s defense ministry said Saturday that the aircraft deployed includes 4 MIG -29S and several meter -8MT general helicopters. The plane is near from the Armenian capital of Yerevan’s transition to Ecclestone base near the border. The MIG -29 fighter can carry 4 tons of bombs. Turkey and Armenia border declared closed from 1993, because the two countries as a war in Armenia during the Turkey massacre historical issues of dispute. Turkey slaughtered its ethnic Armenia people in 1915-1917 years, with a death toll of 1 million 500 thousand. Observer network said Turkish military commentator, TR-300 is the imitation China WS-1 rocket, the rocket is 80 in the last century the late development, the range of 40-100 km, warhead weight 150 kg, the probability of error of the round range of 1%. Although it failed to enter the PLA service, Turkey sought to buy from China after deteriorating relations with Greece in 1996. In 1997 China exports to Turkey 5 WS-1 rocket launchers, then to the prevention and control of Turkey Roketsan company, TR-300 became the "typhoon", from the beginning of 1999 production. This type of rocket launcher uses German MAN truck as the chassis, and adds a simple guidance device, which improves the accuracy, and the circle probability error is about 50 meters.

土耳其军队在叙利亚边境部署山寨中国WS-1型火箭炮   土耳其TR-300火箭炮发射   《德国商业新闻报》2月21日援引土耳其《国民报》报道称,土耳其已经向土叙边境地区部署TR-300和TR-122型火箭炮。这其中的TR-300型是仿制中国WS-1型的土耳其国产火箭炮,该型火箭炮射程100公里。而TR-122射程也可达40公里。这种火箭系统被部署在土耳其Hatay省,其射程可以覆盖叙利亚阿勒颇省。   报道称,一位《金融时报》的中东问题分析家李斯特表示,土耳其应该不会在没有征得美国同意的情况下入侵叙利亚:“叙利亚局势已经失控了,发生在叙利亚北部的情况可能改变战争走向。”   “土耳其部署火箭炮的真正考虑是想要让俄国掂量掂量(发生冲突)可能要付出的代价。但是恐怕很难说这有没有用。”一位资深的西方外交官说。   周五,沙特阿拉伯称他们愿为部分“民兵”组织提供防空导弹。这可能会对正在空袭IS的俄罗斯空军形成威胁。   莫斯科对此也作出了反应:俄罗斯军向亚美尼亚空军基地增派了战斗机,这个基地距离土耳其边境只有40公里。俄罗斯国防部周六称,部署的飞机包括4架米格-29S型和若干架米-8MT通用直升机。   这些飞机是从亚美尼亚共和国首都埃里温附近的埃尔伯尼基地转场前往边境附近的。米格-29战斗机可以搭载4吨炸弹。   土耳其和亚美尼亚的边境从1993年就宣告关闭,因为两国为一战期间土耳其在亚美尼亚进行大屠杀的历史认识问题发生争端。土耳其曾经在1915-1917年间屠杀了其境内亚美尼亚族人,死亡人数达到150万。   观察者网军事评论员表示,土耳其的TR-300是中国WS-1火箭炮的仿制品,该型火箭炮是上世纪80年代后期研制的,其射程为40-100公里,战斗部重量150公斤,圆概率误差为射程的1%。   虽然它未能进入解放军服役,但土耳其却在1996年与希腊关系恶化后向中国寻求购买。1997年中国向土耳其出口5辆WS-1火箭发射车,此后土耳其Roketsan公司对其进行防治,成为TR-300“台风”,从1999年开始生产。此型火箭炮改用了德国MAN公司卡车作为底盘,并增加了简易制导装置,提高了精度,圆概率误差约50米。相关的主题文章: