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Two cattle financial notes: when the cargo base into the most profitable varieties is not the entrance of We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: two cattle notes: when goods based financial firm into the most profitable varieties is not the admission once another week, two cattle slightly depressed, because on Friday, Prev Close down, from near 3130 all the way down to the lowest point of 3101. It seems to continue to adjust the pattern of shock adjustment in this week or a high probability event. Every weekend niumei (micro signal: buerniu5188) will bring you back to my Hugh dish two days the most important message here for everyone to draw a few points: 1 before the media reported that the China UnionPay will suspend mainland customers in Hong Kong UnionPay cards to pay premiums. In response, China UnionPay immediately announced that probably means that the current account insurance card is possible, and with the nature of the investment has never been allowed, so there is no ban one said. 2 the management puts forward "to restrain the asset bubble and guard against the financial risk". 3 strong economic growth in the United States in the second quarter, GDP initial growth of 2.9% (expected value of 2.6%, the former value of 1.4%), is more than two times the value of the two quarter, the highest since the 2014 third quarter results. Some experts commented that the United States in the three quarter of strong economic growth in December to raise the Fed’s interest rate hike may. Next is I and niumei weekly summary of the conference, we also welcome to finance only cattle QQ group (QQ group number: 536986437) can we exchange. Two cattle: cattle sister teacher, this fund three quarterly reports are now available, I also found a very interesting place. Niu Mei: Oh? Tell us your opinion。 Two cattle: there are statistics show that the three quarter of the public fund to achieve a total profit of $86 billion, of which the most profitable, is the imf! Three quarter total profit of $28 billion 836 million. Equity funds at least 12 billion 121 million yuan profit, but this is also based on the rebound in the two quarter. Niu Mei: observed very carefully. But what do you mean? Two cattle: I think, when fixed income products and even hedge assets become the most profitable varieties, it means that the market has been quite sluggish. In accordance with the "bargain" on the train "high parabolic" theory, this time is not the best time of admission? Niu Mei: this statement is not all right. This time the market is relatively sluggish, but if there is a downward trend in the future for a short time, or not suitable for entry. Two cattle: the teacher said well, but for our ordinary small scattered, and do not say that the basis of the selection, which is the basic choice time has exhausted all efforts, and most of them are not allowed to step rhythm. Niu Mei: again, this week may continue to adjust the situation, maybe fell below 3100 points. Two cow: what? Finally stand 3100 points! theory相关的主题文章: