Two way baby crotch doctor fall pregnant women mouth suction amniotic fluid (Figure)

Two way baby crotch doctor fall pregnant women mouth suction amniotic fluid (Figure) original title: Shenzhen pregnant baby child road off the doctor crotch suction nozzle in amniotic fluid in October 22nd, is a sweet and memorable and exciting day for Ms. Wang people. At the age of 27, she ushered in the lives of second small, but the child was born in the crotch, fortunately timely treatment of the medical staff in Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the mother of peace. The medical staff set up a temporary rescue in a timely manner in front of the hospital operating room. On the morning of 6 pm, Ms. Wang felt abdominal pain, because the child is not pay attention to rest at home, until nearly 9 points may be realized soon, hurried to the hospital. Ms. Wang recalled, she had abdominal pain in front of the hospital to get off from the amniotic fluid was broken, the child from the mother immediately rushed to the hospital, colleagues call the doctor. Outpatient medical treatment received a call for help immediately rushed to meet the mother, while the phone to notify the obstetrician, obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor Wu took the rescue box arrived at the entrance to the clinic. After preliminary examination, the child whole body card in the crotch, body purple, throat and nose had mucus and amniotic fluid. Newborns may at any time into the amniotic fluid aspiration pneumonia, when the situation is very critical." Dr. Wu said. As the maternity ward is still a distance away from the hospital, in order to fight for time, hospital nurses, cleaners and an unknown citizen quickly built a temporary operating room in the outpatient clinic. At the same time, Dr. Wu did not hesitate to pick up the rescue Box Baby sputum suction tube with his mouth to the neonatal aspiration nose and mouth in amniotic fluid and neonatal respiratory secretions, clean up, helped neonatal spontaneous breathing. Mothers and newborns were safely transferred to the maternity ward. Subsequently, the mother and newborn were quickly transferred to the maternity ward in the hospital. After examination, neonatal heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen monitoring are normal, doctors for newborns umbilical, warm. The maternal acute and excessive force caused by the soft birth canal laceration, the doctor has given timely treatment of suture. In just more than and 20 minutes, the mother and daughter turned the corner. "When you see her baby by purple body becomes ruddy complexion, mouth will find breastfeeding, women have stable vital signs, the heart of the string tension to relax, thanks to strong baby!" Dr. Wu said with a smile. Doctors holding a strong baby put down the concerns and concerns. With the beginning of the year two-child policy open, ready to give birth in October after increased maternal child. Doctor Wu warm remind the child pregnant or planning a second child mothers, not because the child is let down. The second production is faster than a child, must always pay attention to their own changes, once appear abdominal pain, red, broken water and discomfort, please promptly to the hospital. No child of maternal age (35 years old and the first pregnancy or pregnancy pregnant women older than 34 years), the risk of older mothers face than young women of childbearing age, including may have bleeding, premature birth rate increases, increase the risk of occurrence of complications of pregnancy. All pregnant with a second child or to prepare a second child mothers Peng相关的主题文章: